Converrt x to dvd size error

Sup people, i was getting everything ready to convert an .avi to dvd. But when i clicked convert it cam up with an error: “There is not enough free space left on drive F:, make sure this drive has at least 4.3gb. free”
I checked my drives and both have over 30gb free space in em. anyone know what problem is and how i can fix it? any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in adance
Kushy :bow:

You have selected output to F: and there is no room on F: or it is read-only (CD or DVD).

Yeah mate, the prob was that i didnt name drive properly. I named it F: instead of F:/. As soon as i changed it, it started goin. Close topic if ya want now mate.
cheers KusHy

Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback, letting us know you found the issue.

I have let VSO Software know, and see if they can accept


to both be valid as a working folder,

Thanks !