Controversial antipiracy law heads for EU vote next week

I just posted the article Controversial antipiracy law heads for EU vote next week.

CNET reports us that next week the European Parliament is set to vote on a controversial antipiracy law. The proposed law, the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement …

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just watch out for these “free” trade agreements these dipshits are bandying about…:X

I’m from Greece… Here, my country wants to act as “the good child” to the EU so it FORCES these laws into effect! What a shame , most of us are poor people and cannot afford buying not only expensive cds & dvds but even recordables…!! CD recorders and CDs here rule! DVDRs are a science fiction for most people… Prices here are the same as EUs but we’re payed 25euros per day! (as a computer programmer)… :frowning: