Controller Card and burning speed

Can the controller card have an effect on the burn speed? He is my problem, when I burn at 16x, the burn gets up to 13x and drops off to about 6x for the rest of the burn. I have tryed all kinds of 16x media, same result. However when I burn at 12x I get a nice even burn burn avg about 9.5x. I think it has something to do with the buffer but I am not sure. I currently have an Intel controller card but I am wondering if a Silicon based 680 chipset would make a difference. I think I read somewhere that the controller card has an influence on the tranfer rate but does that mean burn speed?

I really would appreciate some feedback on this because I do not want to change out the controller card if its not necessary.

Post a datadisc test from CDSpeed at 16x burn speed. Also, in Nero, watch the buffers during a 16x burn. If the read buffer remains full, but the drive buffer bottoms out repeatedly, then it’s an IDE problem, probably the controller.

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alan1476 do as rdgrimes suggests.
I use this card
Also have a look at latter pages of this post

My ide cable connects directly to the motherboard, I am not sure if I can utilize a standalone controller card. I will look again to make sure. The Silicon 680 based controller card they have in my local computer store cost 49.99 but it has room for 4 devices. After looking at the buffer in Nero I think this is my problem, I hope I can install one of these other cards on my machine.

Try the burner on somebody else’s PC.
You could also try flashing its firmware, though I’m not sure it’ll help.