Control Virtual CloneDrive via command line




is it possible to (un-)mount images with Virtual CloneDrive v5.1 via command line?

VCDMount.exe accepts an image to mount on command line, but how can you control:

a) to which drive letter the image is bound to,&
b) to unmount an image?

I know the right click way, but can this be done via command line?
The help isn’t really telling much.

Using the search in this forum I located
but is this the only way?


There is a program “Daemon.exe” in the root folder of the application. Here is the syntax:

$ Daemon.exe
Daemon -mount <unit>,<virtual image name>
Daemon -unmount <unit>



is number of your virtual drive starting with 1, and

<virtual image name>

is a full path to image you want to mount.