Control some low level burner parameters

First, I hope this is the correct forum, maybe it’s better to move the thread in the technical section.

The story so far: I wrote about one year ago, under Mac OS X, a small command line C application, in order to test the reading speed of different media. It should be perfectly POSIX compliant, so it should compile under linux as well.
I used it to test the reading speed of Flash based memories, internal hard drives, external hard drives, external dvd burners. It is very useful with external hard drives… SMART capabilities are almost always crippled, so I use it to measure the read speed. Better than nothing, if it gets low, the HD is dying.

The user can select the drive to test, the block size, the number of blocks to read, the starting point, the output for the results. It can be used easily with gui wrappers, since the stdout output is easy to parse. The file output is also easy, I load it in Excel (…) as tab separated fields and I can produce a graph in two-three steps.

Now, I would like to add to it some more features, to use it with external/internal cd/dvd burners: PIE/PIF/C1/C2/Jitter/speed selection.

Do you know where I could find informations and libraries? I wasn’t able to find them on the Internet, because the search words overlap with FAR more common web pages.
Moreover, this CDF froum is probably the biggest knowledge repository of this field, so I quite sure I will get useful tips.

Needless to say… giving me some tips/links would allow me to start to code, but I cannot guarantee any release date :slight_smile:
However, if there are people willing to contribute (and contributing), we could set up a SourceForge/Berlios/something similar project page, in order to produce a CD/DVD speed clone for Mac OS X.