Control pannel

Does any one no how to block control pannel in microsoft windows xp professional?

Disable Control Panel (Windows 2000/Me/XP).
This setting allows you to restrict user access to the Control Panel options and settings. This can be set systemwide (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) or for specefic user accounts (HKEY_CURRENT_USER).

good post Nem;

in XP “Pro” only(not Homey ver) - you can also Start| Run gpedit.msc
(group policy editor) - and apply restrictions to ‘groups’

add the Users you want to deny access to, to a specific ‘restricted’ Group - and the restrictions will be applied to them.

This is a more involved method - yet harder to circumvent
Here’s just one site that has some examples

Ms knowledge base and google will have more documentation

BEWARE - it’s a powerful tool