Control+alt+delete to start windows?

i just brought my computer from work home with me…and it has this feature that the tech put on where i have have to push control/alt/delete to get it to start into windows. I want to take this off and i checked microsoft and it said to go to control panel, user accounts and click on the advanced tab…i have to advanced tab in user accounts…any thoughts??

If you are taking this laptop back to work, then changing this could make it NOT work any longer. This appears because you need to log-on to a network domain, usually, but if your system admins say no problemo.

Easiest is to have Auto-Logon using Tweakui (from Microsoft, powertoys).

Alternately, if you want the standard WinXP logon screen, in the user control panel go to “Change the way users log on or off”->
Tick on “Use the welcome screen”.

Either of these WILL create a security issue, since you don’t actually need to know the password, or the alternate, you don’t need to know the username to get into the laptop, or the entire domain, so don’t be surprised if your IT department feels the need to haul your butt to the cleaners for changing this :wink:

i think i got it figured out. It was actually my desktop from work. They closed the doors after being in business for 25+ years as a car audio/video shop. I worked there for 8 years and they gave me 1 week notice of the closing of the doors. So i wont need to be logging on to there domain any more.

In that case, this:

And remove your user password, and it should boot straight into your account/ aka to your desktop.