Continuous rebooting with

Before i was using & have no problem at all, after install & reboot, it keep on continuous rebooting, the only way to get in windows is by safe mode, but the system restore fuction is not work, finally i uninstall than everything back to normal.

Anyone have idea what happen to the v2.9.6.2 ? because i wish to backup the Madagascar

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madagas, “main movie only” with Express backed up fine with However would figure complete disc is a toss up. As a registered user unfortunately have to comment that Fengtao have been no shows both in support and presence in this forum recently - and their forum doesn’t work, continually hacked.

That said, there are better solutions out there right, noticeably anydvd and several other decryptors/burn combinations. Sad has Fab in past, other than a few bumps, been very reliable, and up to date with new issues encountered.

Had same problem with and never resilved it. 2.9.6.o no problem. I too, like Larry am registered user and agree about the support, too bad as it is a great product when working.


Version bombed for you, huh?..that’s really unfortunate. I was hoping these last couple of versions would prove to be more stable than the few that preceeded it. You’re the first I’ve heard of with the reboot issue with Sorry for your trouble, hope the next version resolves your problem.


Post Mac listed the solution. I had the same problem. I had to uninstall the coffin drivers and reinstall them from their site. Sorry I can’t remember the exact procedure, it was in the old forum and alas it is dead. Maybe Portmac could repost.

The PM still works on the old forum. I have received a couple from members asking how to find help. They also have a VSO section on this site.


Read this when I had problems with continuously rebooting, in safe mode I checked Devices in Device Manager and found UDMA on IDE had changed to PIO. Here is a link to fix that.


Also try:


This link was posted on the fab forum by Portmac, ie., VSO support, whose expertise and support has been very much appreciated:

Portmac Nov 18 2005, 12:11 AM Post #18

Those people getting BSOD’s and constant reboots should download the latest version of the Patin-Couffin driver from the following direct link.

Before installing it boot into Safe Mode and click Start>Run and paste the following in and click OK.

“C:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum\PcSetup.exe” /remove

This will remove the Patin-Couffin driver, once it is removed reboot you computer and run the patin_couffin_setup.exe file then reboot again.

Hopefully that will fix your BSOD and reboot issues.

Thanks for everyons’s help, i will try it out tomorrow & let you people know.

BTW, i didn’t get any reply form DvDFab support team. *#@%$!&