Continuous DVD/CD Writing

Hi guys;

i wanna ask smtg. I have 5 iso images on my pc. And i want to burn them to 5 DVD’s.But i have to click “burn dvd image” everytime i passed the other iso. For example passing from iso2 to iso3. Is there anyway to automate this process. I want my nero to want me only the blank dvds step by step and burn the all 5 isos automatically. Waiting your answers. Sorry for broken english. Thank u…

Hi pcengnr, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You could have a look at the free ImgBurn program instead which is excellent for burning ISO images, and which also has a burn queue function that might fit your needs.

ImgBurn doesn’t take much space on your computer, and you can still keep and use Nero for other burning tasks.

Thnx very much DrageMester. It really works for me… :clap:

I need the same thing but with video_ts folders… (can’t be queued in imgburn)