Continuing problems with my Sony CRX220E1 (Liteon LTR-52246S)

Hello, I purchased this drive almost a year ago and it’s been having problems for awhile. A long time ago it stopped burning successfully all of the time. Then, it started having read issues. It became incapable of spinning up and staying up. Instead, it would typically spin up and down for each file it was transferring, making installation of games take forever. Recently, the burning problem has gotten worse, where almost nothing gets past 5%, and always results in a failed message. Then, the other day, I tried two burn attempts which both failed, and after that, the drive suddenly cannot read anything. When I put in a disc, the green light flashes some, and nothing happens. I have the 6YS1 (default) firmware. All cables and controllers are okay as my DVD drive is slave to this drive, and it works just fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the channel and the drive. The driver for the channel and the controller is the Microsoft default. What do you think could have caused this issue, that has now led to no CDs being able to be read at all? Is it worth spending the ten bucks on a CD drive cleaner or should I just plunk down the $40 for a combo drive to replace this and my DVD drive? Thanks.

I’ve heard someone with a DVD-ROM who thought that the drive was dying and decided to give cleaning the lense a shot. IIRC, he didn’t get one of those expensive cleaning kits… just a screwdriver, a damp cloth, and a lot of care. :slight_smile: If you’re looking at possibly replacing the drive anyway, I’d give cleaning the lense a shot. Might just do the trick. :wink:


Well, I don’t want to open my drive, but I would be willing to spend $10 on a cleaning kit instead of buying a new drive. The thing is, since it doesn’t even recognize when I put a CD in anymore (it just says CD-RW Drive (D:) in My Computer, even though a CD’s in it), I’m not sure if the CD is spinning at all. If it’s not spinning, how can I get a cleaning CD to work?

I’d try it on a second PC with a different IDE cable, but from the sounds of things it looks like you have a dead drive. That’s unfortunate because most drives last much longer than a year.

There is probably a 50/50 chance that cleaning will fix the problem… but that’s $10 and it might not work. So personally I might just get something new instead… at least it’s only $30 for a new one, or $40 for a combo, or $80 for a DVD burner. :smiley:

Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll just pick up a combo drive on Newegg for $43 so I can take out my DVD drive, too, and only have one drive. Reduce some clutter. I never copy from CD to CD anyway. And I really have no need for a DVD burner.