Continuing a rip after a read error

One feature I liked in Ripit4me was that in DVD read mode (rather than ISO mode) if there was a failure then you could clean the DVD and it would start where it left off and only rip the failed VOBs.

Obviously Ripit4me is no longer being updated with the new DVD copy protection mechanisms so I have to use DVDFab. Is this feature available in DVDFab? Currently if a Rip fails then I need to start it again and wait 30 minutes again to see if it was successful.

Welcome to the forum, As for DVDFab you will need to start the process of burning over only after uploading the dvd to your HDD. Just remember to keep speeds at 6-8x for burning.

You mention burning in your reply. I asked a question about ripping or am I misreading your reply?