Continuing a multi-session burn on a DVD that didnt start multi-session?

I burned 3.5 gigabytes of data on a DVD using Nero and selected the DVD as “no multi-session”(actually, this is default, I didnt select anything) using Nero Version 7.0. How can I actually continue burning to the DVD as though it had been started as a multi-session DVD?? Is there a software that will ignore the “no multi-session” bit status? Please let me know. Thanks.

As far as I know, once its done its done. Sorry

Anyways, the multisession have poor compatibility as far as I know.


Well then, I will simply have to wait for a reply from soneone who knows more than you. I don’t believe this to be the case. An excerpt from Roxio’s website leads me to believe otherwise.
“Mode 1 vs. Mode 2
You can turn a single-session disc into a multisession disc at any time simply by adding another session to it (as long as the disc has not been closed). However, it’s best to decide in advance whether your disc will be multisession or not, so that you can decide whether to record the first session in CD-ROM format (aka Mode 1) or CD-ROM XA format (aka Mode 2). For historical reasons, some older CD-ROM drives which will recognize a disc as multisession only if it’s written in the CD-ROM XA format. You cannot mix CD-ROM and CD-ROM XA formats on the same disc.

“(as long as the disc has not been closed)”

I believe you’ve answered your own question, and the answer is you are sol.

And how would you know whether or not I closed the DVD?

Well if you didn’t finalize the disk, you can write to it again, but if you put more data on it, only the last files that you burn will show up. The data that you originally burned will still be there, just not very easily accessed. You’d probably have to use a program like ISOBuster to even see them.

But I have Nero 7 on my backup machine, and when I choose no multi-session on a dvd data disk, the finalize option is checked and greyed out, which means Nero automatically closes the disk in this particular operation.

When a disc is closed there is absolutely no way of writing to it again even if there is space left on it?

I am not aware of any way of writing to the unused space on a finalized disk.

However, I have never claimed to be omniscient, and if someone else wants to chip in with some more information, I’d like to learn how to do this myself. It might be handy now and again, I just don’t think it is possible.

Well, you are right. The DVD is apparently closed. If the piece of **** Nero software would have checked for files that were already in use before starting the burn process I wouldn’t be in this position. Half way through the burn process it says, “Oh sorry, that file is in use and cannot be accessed”. This is officially my first bad DVD burn out of about 100 discs. Thanks Nero you whore.