Continued success predicted for Netflix as Amazon talks streaming

Continued success predicted for Netflix as Amazon talks streaming.

[newsimage][/newsimage]New remarks from analysts suggest Netflix, the popular DVD rental and streaming company, will maintain its success even as other companies launch competing services. Recent comments from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, however, purport his company's venture into online video streaming isn't rooted in vanilla rivalry or grabbing marketshare.

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I have both. I got Prime because their picture quality and delivery platform is a bit better (Flash -vs- Silverlight). Prime, at $6.60 per month is also a bit less expensive than NetFlix, but a year of either is about what I used to pay per month for Cable TV. I’ll probably keep them both.

Eric Wold is the same guy that the WSJ compared to Alfred E Neuman. It’s hard to believe anything he says. This guys sole job is to pimp for Netflix and Coinstar ( redbox)