Continued READ Problems Even in v3.0.3.0 Platinum


This is the third time that I’m posting v3 READ Issues with DVD-Video DVD Discs that v2.9.8.3 READ and Burned without a problem. This is 7 Movies now in a couple of weeks, and, there is nothing wrong with the Discs themselves that had v3 READ problems.

Today there was a “new” wrinkle on the READ problem with v3. On “An American Haunting” Unrated Region 1, a v3 Split “barfed” with a READ ERROR popup on VTS_23_1.VOB. Clicking on Retry, Ignore, Ignore All or Abort didn’t help and wouldn’t terminate the READ…I had to manually eject the Disc.

The other “new” thing was numerous CDROM Error 7’s in the Event Log, which is a “bad block” error. In my case, it’s almost never a bad block, and, almost always an encryption problem.

Humm…So, I tried v2.8.9.3, and it copied and burned flawlessly, and without Event Log Errors. Turns out, it didn’t attempt to copy the VTS_23 and VTS_24 TitleSets which are missing from the Split Set.

OK, I can accept an occasional encryption problem, and I can forward the original .ifo files for this Movie if anyone wants them, but the obvious question is, “How does a Program released on August 3, 2006 (v2.9.8.3) know how to handle the encryption on a Movie Released this week, when the version of the Program released today (v3.0.3.0) doesn’t know how to handle the encryption?” Can anybody answer me that?

To exacerbate the v3 Problem, on a Split I couldn’t “unselect” the offending TitleSets as the Program complained when I tried to, and, on a Custom Selection, I couldn’t Split. It had to fit or compress, or, burn to a DVD9.

Naturally, I’m very happy to still have v2.9.8.3, though it’s not a “forever” work-a-round…And, I admit to having a little difficulty in understanding how any v2 encryption work-a-rounds could have been left out of v3, unless, maybe, there are different Authors.

“How does a Program released on August 3, 2006 (v2.9.8.3) know how to handle the encryption on a Movie Released this week, when the version of the Program released today (v3.0.3.0) doesn’t know how to handle the encryption?” Can anybody answer me that?
Yes, I can answer that. It could be it is not an encryption problem. There are many variables when a new software is released.


It could be a lot of things…But if you “read” the Post, the description and Program behavior is symptomatic of certain encryption issues. As a Moderator, my first thought is that you would know that?

As I said it could be alot of things, and I also know that certain read issues that seem to be caused by encryption can also be caused by other issues, I have been doing this along time, and I never said it was not an encryption issue but as you put it ,why would V2 have no problem when V 3 does, well the obvious reason is that these things are updated on a frequent basis as you know, it could be when fixing one thing another problem has come up, this is all speculation. And I also know that " AS a Moderator" as you put it, just because something has symptoms of a problem, it is not a positive thing that is the issue. I did not write the program, so I cannot tell you the reason you are having problems, it could be something as simple as a bad source disc which also shows the same symtoms as an encryption problem, I have seen many bad source discs that read perfectly on one software and the error will show up in another.

Hi jfagnani,

I’ll check the Split feature asap.

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Thanks Fengtao,

Though I wasn’t recommending a “feature” change. In most cases, not only do I want all the TitleSets on a Split, I don’t even mind if some or all of them are on both Discs.

In this case I knew that VTS_23 and VTS_24 TitleSets were “garbage” and wanted to eliminate them so I could get a burnable copy on the Split. As v.3 matures, I would expect that “need” to happen less and less…

Other people may have different needs or preferences, however.

Thanks again!

Hi jfagnani,

I have done several test with “Split”, the “garbage” titlesets will not be copied, so there should be no reading problem with it.

Could you please try latest to see the result?

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Yes and thanks. I re-Split “Monster House” (R1) and “An American Haunting” (R1) with Platinum v.…And, the last two TitleSets of each movie were not copied or attempted on the Split. All appears to be well with playback.

I did run into another issue with MI3 and a DL Clone failure. It’s an Application issue, not encryption, and, I did get it to work, but it’s pretty quirky, so I’d like to open a new Thread so someone else doesn’t pull their hair out…

Thanks again!