Continual fail in burning dvds

I have been trying to burn self-compiled dvds recently and not getting any complete successes. I have an LG burner attached to an HP desktop and am trying to burn on both Nero 7 Express and IMG burn. 7 the discs are Verbatim which normally doesn’t have this fail rate.
I just keep getting clonks from the Nero & fails from IMG.

Not sure if burner has reached end of its use. It’s about 3 1/2 or 4 years old. Just thought I’d check here if anybody could suggest alternative solutions.

I’m getting various messages on the Nero program, one of which is internal target failure. IMG had no writers detected flash up last time I used it. I am still able to use EAC on the same burner to back up cds to my hardrive and also I think nero can burn cdrs. Haven’t heard the playback on the one cd I burnt though.

But it does look like the burner can detect discs inside it, can read the info on them and burn something smaller like a cd. Is that significant? Cd containing about 1/5 the size data of a dvd?

Could you please specify the exact brand name and model number of the LG device in your HP computer?

super-multi external multi dvd rewriter GSA- E40N. is what it says on the model. I may have the box somewhere.
edit i do & that is what it says

The CD laser and the DVD laser are 2 different lasers , the DVD one may be going out or just needs to be cleaned.

Thanks for that. I tried using a cd cleaner on the burner but if that’s true of the 2 different lasers would it be the best way to clean it? I thought it worked previously.

The best way to clean it is to disassemble the drive (take it out of the enclosure and remove the metal housing). Then take a cotton swab or lintless cloth with a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol and clean off the lens of the drive.

It may simply be failing and needs to be replaced.

Is that something I can do myself without great danger of messing up the components?

It is pretty simple and there are several you tube videos on how to do it

Here’s one here

Great, just got to work out if rubbing alcohol is as easily available over here in Ireland as there. Not sure where you’d get the stuff. Are there any possible substitutes that work as well?

Here in the US you can get it almost anywhere, In Ireland I do not know.

You do want to make sure it is at least 98 to 99% alcohol not the watered down stuff

Thanks, found out one chemist Matt Flannery still dispenses Isopropyl alcohol from a larger bottle to smaller sale ones. So cost 1.51Eur whereas otherwise was a litre bottle for 15Eur.

But took it home found out how to dismantle disc burner, cleaned out all the dust that had accumulated over the 3 or 4 years. That must have been something of a growing problem itself. & finally wiped the laser with a cotton swab with the alcohol on. Could only see one actual lens though.

First couple of dvds attempted afterwards burnt much longer than before, Nero said they failed but they were playable. From then on I’m getting completed dvd successes. So thanks muchly.

Sounds Great Glad you got it working