Continous copies issue


I have been trying to burn copies of data worksheets ( Excel & Word files). I can burn 3-4 cd’s before whatever software I’m using, CDRWIN5, NERO 5+, Clone CD. In each and every case I can only get to about the fourth disc before the system locks up and I have to shut down the program.
I’m using a TDK 24/10/40b burner.
I’ve had the burner for awhile now with no issues. I’ve also never tried to burn continous copies of the same thing.

I need these for work… they are under the impression I know what I’m doing… I really don’t want to tell them I don’y know why I can’t complete the project.

Suggestions ?

How long have you had the burner?
Can you tell if the drive is heating up. There might be a heating issue.

And are you burning cd’s contimouslyt

Burner is approx 6-8 months old… and no… no excessive heat is detected. Any suggestions on how I can test definitely if its overheating ?
I do not have a case temp program… and thinking about this more it would seem more of a hardware issue than software.

I wouldnt be surprised… We had an ice storm in Lovely Rochester NY and my car got crushed by a tree that had too much ice.
If I didnt have bad luck… etc…