Contest: WIN LG N1A1 NAS or LG BH12LS35 Blu-Ray Drive



A Happy New year: Win the LG N1A1 NAS or LG BH12LS35 Blu-Ray Drive
*This contest is made possible by LG USA, and therefore unfortunately is open only to US residents.

Now everybody is slowly getting in to the new year, it’s time to sit down and check all the photos and videos you made during the holidays. With all the HD videos and large pictures sometimes it is necessary to throw some of them away to keep some free space on your hard drive. Or is it really? No of course not, all you need is the LG N1A1 NAS to store your files and stream them directly to your computer or portable devices . Or maybe you want to take the content with you, then you can read and write Blu-ray discs up to 50gb with theLG BH12LS35 Blu-ray disc writer.

Win a LG NAS or Blu-ray writer
LG USA was so kind to help you with your possible storage problem in this new year and made the BH12LS35 Blu-ray disc writer and the N1A1 1TB NAS available to win! All you have to do is tell/show us how the LG NAS or Blu-ray drive can make 2011 a great year for you. Be creative and post your reasons, pictures or videos in the comments, or e-mail us at contest (@) .

We’ll be giving away one LG NAS and one LG BH12LS35 in this contest, that will last one full month.
Below you find a description of the prices. We hope to hear from you! Extra free tip: see the LG NAS contest from last year for inspiration and ideas (here).


US only :frowning:


LG BH12LS35 Blu-ray burner is the perfect compliment for your avid bootlegger. It is able to store up to 50 gigs of stolen movies, music and even International Security secrets. The perfect tool for that hidden cam of you and some hot celeb whore ready for mass production. It burns up to 9, nine hours of pure crap that would have cost you 20 bucks on dvd! It also comes with some great software that you didn’t even have to steal, they gave you the disc, I swear. Get yours and tell those evil media moguls that you are tired of their price fixing schemes.

LG N1A1 1TB NAS is the perfect compliment for your bootlegging Blu-ray player mentioned above. 1, One terabyte which is probably around 800 usable Gigs of pure pirated bliss that lets you go from desktop, to laptop, to handheld phone or media player. It comes with Itunes music server support, and if you’ve used Itunes on a windows based machine, you’ll need support. It comes with USB 2.0 for you people who aren’t forward thinking enough to have gotten a computer with USB 3.0. Built in FTP support for when the government and ISP’s strangle the net back to the days of bulletin boards (BBS’s).


The Blu-ray burner and NAS storage devices would be a boon to those like me who are in charge of streaming video from worship services. I need to store the video offline and be able to recall it at will so when Uncle George wants a copy of the wedding services for his favorite Nephew and Niece to give to them as a gift. It’s great to be able to do this, but the magnetic media gets rather crowded, and I would love to make a blu-ray library of recorded services. This would free up literally gigabytes of storage for the streaming recordings. It all means the good folks can get their video on!


I want to win because even though they’ve been out for a long time. I can’t afford buying an HDTV and a BluRay Player. I can afford BluRay movies being that the price has dropped and I don’t need to buy 20 at a time. And even though I’m buying my all time favorite movie soon in a 4 pack with 3D BluRay, BluRay, DVD and Digital copy, I won’t be able to watch it in HD on my computer because I don’t have a BluRay drive. I also wanted to store lots of my home movies (to take to friends) (and to have all of our home movies watchable from birth to weddings to now for family members.) and make a bootable disc with 40+ Linux distros. Thanks for the chance to win! MyCE you seriously are the best. Thanks for what you do and keep up the good work! :clap:


These would save my marriage. No longer would I have to argue with my wife to let me leave the computer on so I could access our data remotely. The Blu-Ray writer would solve my problem of convincing her to let me buy a Blu-Ray of a movie.

Pick me! Pick me!


Well … I don’t want to sell anything and don’t want to save anything. I am what I am, a handicapped person in a hospital (lots of handicapped out there) and storage would allow me to reflect ----------- allot.
People should be thankful for what they have. I do want to be a great member of society and share as much as I can so we can all learn from it. “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” Patrick Henrey an American all the way


CORRECTION: it’s Patrick Henry H E N R Y, I messed up on a name. not good (Henrey is also used) Oh well, live and learn - sorry!


Man…The things I could do if I only had a LG NAS and a LG BH12LS35 I could Burn,save,play anything!!!
Life would be alot Better in 2011.☺ Did I mention myce is my favorite website!!!Love yall folks!!!
P.S. LG makes the best products in the world!!!:clap:


I want to win even I’m not an US resident. :slight_smile:



2011 is going to be the year where my tecnology gets the upgrade it deserves never owning anything in blue ray before is the place to start recently upgrading certain components in my computer the blueray writer would just be a massive compliment to what I have and would enable me to do so much more blue ray is only the start of the future god only knows where it will lead to next…


I could really use the LG N1A1 1TB NAS to record/archive the fading analog home movies that are slowing deteriorating from vhs. Some of the video is of my family who are no longer alive. If that’s not a good reason, I dont’ know what is…

I’ve already taken the plunge & got a 10x burner so you can award that to someone else. NAS is just the product to get me out of my laxy mode when it comes to arching family videos to burn onto DVD/Blue Ray.


I’m building a HTPC on the cheap and these items would really work well to keep the bottom line low…No additional cost! :wink:


I would absolutely love to win these (or even either one of them by itself, which is what the contest actually is). But alas, I have no worldly or charitable use for them, but rather would only use them for my own (and my family’s) personal benefit and enjoyment. Why, if we had that terrific blu-ray player, we could (and would) watch those blu-ray movies together practically all the time! (Well, except for when the wife and I are at work, or the son is at school, or when …) Well, you get the picture. We’d watch those blu-ray movies practically all the time except when we were doing something else. Did I say I’d absolutely love to win one of these? OK then, that’s all.

Oo, Oo, Oo, pick me!


Either of these would fit so well in household nextwork. We have a neverending amount to back up, and each of these ro both could do a wonderful job, saving memories of several lifetimes.


The hard drive could help me when I do video editing & recording of each service at my local church because we are a small church & don’t have much money & we are currently using 5-6 year old computers with 40-80GB hard drives.


I can definitely use a NAS. My wife and I use laptops, so it would be nice to have shared storage accessible at all times. I’m also out of hard drive space on my MacBook, so I can’t even install the latest OS X updates.


the n1a1 sounds a bit like a competitor of the zyxel nsa221 i use. the nsa221 was $80 with no drives, i added 2 - 2TB samsung f4s and it works great, jbod or raid.

could use a bd-r writer i suppose.


Would be happy to win ANYTHING!


I’d love to win …to have all that storage …just imagine the Personal pRon i could save for generations and generations…lol just kidding…but
yeah to win would be SWEET!!!

side note: would there be reviews that needed to be written if awarded this grand prize…:slight_smile: