Contents of only the 1st CD/DVD/Image inserted(mounted) accessable per boot




I have a strange problem with DVDs, CDs, Images on winXP-sp2.

I can access the contents of only the 1st inserted CD/DVD into my DVD-Rom. With a 2nd CD/DVD inserted Windows Explorer shows the contents of of the 1st one again and there is no access to the 2nd one until the next boot.

The same thing happans with mounted images into the virtual CD/DVD-Rom of Daemon-Tools. I can see and access only the 1st mounted image and when i mount another one i do not have access to it and Explorer shows the contents od the 1st one again.

What can i try to get rid of that?

Thanks a lot in advance


This will not fix the problem, but you can use IsoBuster to access the data on the second and further discs. I have occasionally seen the behavior, but I am not certain how it can be fixed.


Thanks very much, but this is of course NOT a real solution.

I need to catalog CDs/DVDs and play the content of them, so i need the the access to them over the Explorer.

Who knows how to fix it?


@ surfer yes I know the problem you are having very well. The first disk you put in your drive gets mounted and any other disk you put in after it will show the image of your first disk, till you re boot! A program on your computer is the cooperate, it’s mounting your CD or DVD and failing to un-mount it after you take it out.

Do you happen to have UltraDVD installed on your computer? If you do there is your problem, 9 out of 10 times it’s a bug in UltraDVD that’s causing the problem. To fix it go to “System Configuration Utility” and to your “Startup” tab and un-tick “DVDMon” and reboot your computer and that should fix your problem.


Thanks, coathi, for your hint. I do not have UltraDVD but i have other programs installed like “UltraISO” or “MAgicISO”.
Maybe one of those causes the problem because your hint sounds quite reasonable. I could as well try to instal “UltraDVD” now and disable the option you’ve mentioned.

do you mean this one?

But which “System Configuration Utility” dio you mean, is there one called so in “UltraDVD” or do mean a winXP option?

And as i said, the problem is not only with images mounted but also with “normal” CDs/DVDS inserted into the DVD-Rom drive.


I know Surfer it will mount what ever is on the first CD or DVD and keep showing it until you re-boot ! I seen it happen lot’s of time.

Any way to go to your System Configuration Utility , “Click Start” on your task bar then “ Click Run” and type “msconfig” and Click “OK” and a window will open up the last Tab is called “StartUp” Click it and see if you can find a program called “DVDMon” if not have a good look and try and find some other program that mounts your CD-DVD and un-tick it

I was talking about this one


if you explore the cd in the drive, windows will read and report the correct cd (in my experience)