Contentious threads



These are past threads of similar subject matter .

Only one of these was closed & I saw no sanction to the OP’s about starting these threads.


This thread is going no where.
Let me make two points clear.

1, The forum staff and management decide what threads will be closed and which ones will remain open. We also decide who gets a sanction and who doesn’t.

2, There is a complaints procedure, either follow that procedure [B]or I will sanction you[/B].

[B]Consider this your one and only warning.[/B]


The replies to those threads, minus the one closed, were within an acceptable range. If there was any reply at all, the replies were typically concise, did not ramble on about something unrelated, and did not provoke people into replying based on emotion alone.

People actually had discussion in those threads. Because of that, there is absolutely no comparison to be made whatsoever to the threads that have been shut down in recent months. And it should be fairly obvious why each thread was shut down and why people were chastised.

If a given member cannot understand why things are the way they are, then it’s probably better they say nothing at all, rather than cause more frustration than necessary.

…And if a given member chooses to ignore the point of having a logical conversation, it’s even more important they think, and think, and think some more, before they decide to even utter one single syllable. Because it just might be best for everyone if that member says nothing at all.

(sorry, Dee. Had to throw that in.)