Content removed and black CGP screen



I know that you can choose “blank” in dvdfab as opposed to displaying the “content” removed screen but my question is will this cause the same amount of delay as before? I.E. Alot of black (blank) screens before the menu/movie begins?

I know i can manually remove the blanks using vobblanker but it almost defeats the purpose of having something that can quickly remove unwanted content.


The few times I have used this in Customize it seemed to be VERY quick–much shorter than the replaced content. This was about 8 betas ago. Black screen is the default in Customize, the graphic screen the default in Split.


thanks for the response i’ll try it with the blank CGP


Please post back with the results–might help someone else with the same question.


A simple solution is to keep some of the content and only remove the long data hogging feature’s.


I want to remove as much unwated content as possible in order to preserve quality for the main feature.


Then just do a main movie copy.


Will main movie copy preserve the menus?


No, it will not. Use Customize, select preserve menus(if you want them), then select the titles you want to be included on your disc by checking the box beside each (after previewing if necessary). Fab will then substitute whatever CGP screen you have selected for the deleted material.


This is basically what I have done, I have not chosen the blank screen though, i had removed material which seems to make the wait to the menu almost unbearable, i hope its not the same with a blank CGP, i will test it and report back.