Content owners want Google to better enforce piracy

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Record labels and other content owners want Google to do more to crackdown on pirated content, but the search engine isn’t reportedly interested in helping out unless paid first.

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Wouldn’t it be great to see Google and the **AA thugs go head to head in court?

It seems like the content providers don’t know how to use Google properly . . . :wink:

All they need to do is find out how casual users find pirated material through Google and use the same search techniques. If they are using the right search techniques and do have difficulty finding a particular pirated song, movie, etc., then obviously it’s not going to be easy for the casual user to find through Google either.

One of the days the power to be will win this war wait they have not even won a major battle yet.

When are these friggen industries going to get that the whole world isn’t hear to support their campaign? Oh well, I am sort of thinking that Google would be the last place the RIAA and cronies would want to start a fight, It’st their money so let the games begin.

I still can to this! Thank you Google!

(Or should i say, thank you open dirs which stupidly/bodly enough show me a lot of muzak!)

From the word got,the battle is already lost as whatever measures they put in place to avoid piracy,a way around it will always be found.

I find it humorous that the MPAA, RIAA etc. think they can bend the Internet to their will. Just when they think they have it where they want it the Internet will perform a Jujitsu move on them and slip right out of their grip with ease. These companies had better learn how to ride the tiger (i.e. Internet) before it eats them.

[/B] big co,s will always lose, because the bigger they get they become lazy.

I think someone should help protect content of others, copyrighted content.

:sad: me thinks not,nearly everyone is lazy in some way or another, so copying someone else,s work is another way of earning a living.