Content of burn affecting quality/burnability

Has anyone had the experience of a certain image file or data set resulting in a disproportionate number of bad burns or burning problems? I’ve only had it happen to me a few times, but I recently had to burn an .iso that caused my reliable Benq 1620/Yuden T02 combo to start spitting out coasters left and right. I even tried it with my new Lite-On SH-16A7S and got a power calibration error with DVD Decrypter- which has never happened before. Can a certain set of data cause this by itself, or perhaps does this indicate a corruption in either the container format or the content of the data itself?

The data has nothing to do with anything.

For all the drive cares, you could just be burning zeroes to every sector.

Maybe your ‘reliable’ BenQ is getting old and now not so reliable as it once was?! On the other hand, maybe you’ve just hit a bad run of discs?

Well, my last few burns from the new Litey have been better. Maybe bad media.

But I was really just wondering if burning software uses embedded info in the image file formats to make any calculations or assumptions about the burn- and if something was out of whack, whether the problem would be detected before a burn or maybe throw something out of whack later on. Because as far as I can tell, the power error in imgburn halted progress before the disc was written to, while Nero just went full speed ahead and churned out coasters with no warning.

And this is just hypothetical, but if a drive is failing and getting out of spec, wouldn’t different data patterns place different electrical stresses upon the burning mechanism? i.e., a slight mechanical fault in the laser on/off mechanisms would make the drive responsive enough to burn “all zeros”, but not to rapidly cycle 1010101?

I think you were just lucky that the drive errored out earlier on when you tried to burn with ImgBurn.

As for electrical stresses upon the burning mechanism… erm that’s way out of my league! Maybe someone else with the appropriate level of knowledge can help you - I certainly can’t!