Consumers will pay more for VoD and internet rentals



I just posted the article Consumers will pay more for VoD and internet rentals.

A study conducted by Oliver Wyman, an international managing consulting firm, showed that a set price point of $7 to $9 for next-gen VoD and internet movie rentals could create substantial market…

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This always makes me wonder how long we will still need Blu-ray and any other data storage technology for home use. We can store it on hyperdyper servers all around the world where it’s backed up beyond our dreams etc. etc. Videos can be streamed, why would you need to own/rent a disc?


Well I think I will stick to paying $1.50 for a new movie release from the local video/DVD shop as that is more than some of the crappy movies nowadays are actually worth. And why would I want to pay $7 to $9 for what costs me $1.50 at present, sounds like a rip-off to me. Oh well if they want to charge those prices I will do what I have done with other companies I perceive to be ripping me off, I will enforce my consumer rights to not buy or rent their products, and for example Sony has lost a lot of my money in recent years on my purchases of electrical equipment due to their greed and restricting my rights. Maybe one day these greedy companies will learn to give the consumer what they actually want at a fair price with no restrictions on how the consumer can use what they have legally purchased, maybe that is why those greedy companies are suffering loss of sales because they pissed their customers off with their greed for selling the customer the same thing more than once, gee that is an original thought isn’t it. It would seem by their loss of sales I am not the only consumer to not buy their faulty anti-consumer products. Consumers do have rights as they seem to be realizing at long last, although they have done themselves a lot of damage.


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