Consumers : we should be able to copy CDs for personal use!

I just posted the article Consumers : we should be able to copy CDs for personal use!.

jsl pointed us to an article over at in which a new study warns music companies that are thinking of distributing copy-protected CDs. They will likely only cause frustration among…

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This is very true! I still say the record industry is NOT loosing money anyway, they are coming of the best decade of music sales EVER!!! What do they expect when the kids who spent the most money on CD’s go to college or become adults and can’t afford a 20.00 EMinem cd. pz

I hope they didn’t only look at audio CD’s. There are a lot of businesses & consumers (duh :9)who want to make backups for safe keeping aswell.

the RIAA is too blinded by their grred to realize that if the cds were more affordable, people would buy them. DVDs aren’t much more than cds and in some instances cheaper, and they have lots of special features and goodies, whereas most cd are just crap.

2 things ??? 1/ why do they use big companies to do surveys when all they gotta do is look here… 2/ with the events of the stock market and collapse of BIG corporations and the ceo’s STILL walking out with BIG GOLDEN HANDSHAKES, it will be a long time before consumers believe what mealy mouthed spokespersons for ANY corporation say…if ever again. Bit hard to garner sympathy from a working public 'cos your profits are down from 11 billion to 9 billion AND your blaming THEM !!! to see a few of them smart pricks do it tough to find a job…:7

I remember when cd’s first came out, they were very expensive because it was said that they were only X ammount of factories capable of producing them. Then why are they still so expensive today, when they are X+ factories out there? Greed… The music industry has been screwing the buying public for years and even worse the artists that work for them. And now we should feel bad for them?

Its taken a company to do a survey for the industry to realise that we don’t wanna buy their crap any more coz of copy protection? Like they are going to take notice of that one…!! I like the idea that companies make a profit of 11 billion (dollars??) as stated above and then drop to 9 billion and start to panic. Geez, these guys want 11 billion or MORE evry damn year!!! It’s the same all over the world. God almighty… why the hell they can’t be satisfied with a profit of ANY size I’ll never know… Or maybe I already do… sheer, pure unadulterated greed!!! I hope they choke on their fat bloody cigars. :frowning: The public will win this one with copy protection though - mark my words. :slight_smile:

Well, my sisters car was broken into the other day and her CD’s were stolen… Now if she backed them up and kept the copies in her car then she could of copied the originals again and absorbed just the cost of the blank CDR! But the RIAA feels this is unfortunate because they dont want anyone backing up there merchandise! :r