Consumers still love discs

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According to a recent NPD Group survey, 81% of consumer spending on film entertainment is attributed to renting and purchasing DVD’s, with 18% going to theatrical movie ticket purchases and a mere…

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"it appears that Blu-ray Disc and DVD have a strong future ahead."
Now how many % for Blu-ray and % for DVD? :smiley:

Yeah, I would rather have a disc than a download. Downloads are great as they dont use any materials and storing them takes up no shelf space but until net speeds are up to the job I do not want to wait hours for a film to download that will probably have a lower quality than that burnt to a Blu Ray disc.

5% for Blu-ray and 95% for DVD.

90% to 10% DVD favors. Downloads I feel are a great way to do things even in the future, I think downloads should be for those that rent rather than buy as people favor physical discs over a video file streaming. But if they do downloads cough (heavily DRM’d 90% worse DRM than currently on media) then they could see that people that backup are not pirates except those that wait for the DVDrip etc…

Blow-Ray went, from what to what, to 3 times sales of nothing in 2007 to thress times nothing in 2008, gee great spin on a pile of crap.
I hope you thriple sales in 2009 of nothing again.
Its dead, so tech morons, buy into Sony dead crap again

Of course its exaggerated, downloads are BS. People like to own the movie, be able to play it in any player or bring to a friends etc…
I, like millions of others, DO want HD movies and BR is obviosuly the best and only way to own HD movies. Deal with it.

At the end of the day I prefer to own a disc and broadband is not fast enough to transfer film content in real time. I personally think that Blu Ray will obviously cater for Hi def market and DVD for main stream until Hi becomes more mainstream and has greater market penetration. At the moment Blu Ray is the most conveniant way of getting hi def material on your tv. Blu Ray and DvD will co-exist until Hi-Def is mainstream. The plus side being all DvD content will play on Blu Ray players / adequately equipped media centres.

For me ISPs will have to stop capping and download speeds will have to increase. - But I would still prefer to own a disc whether that is Blu Ray or DvD!

I feel bad for all the punk kids who can’t spell and who can’t afford BluRay. But I hope prices will drop to DVD level soon.

I, too, prefer to own a disc or at the vey least rent a disc rather than be at the mercy of an ISP who places a cap on top of miserable download speeds. For some of us, however, we may have no choice but to “go disc.”

I love my discs!!! I love to collect them- I like to look for ads for good deals I like to find rare stuff I remember watching decades ago. Like The Red Balloon… :slight_smile:


DVDs do rule, but I’m looking forward to watching high-def on a new 50" lcd or plasma screen. I’m ordering my Popcorn Hour today and will pop a 1TB drive into it. No Blu-ray for me and no money from me to Sony. If HD DVD had won the war then I would have gladly opened my wallet. Oh well.

Love is a strong word. Compared to other technologies though… I suppose Love is just as well. Optics make me nuts. Gotta love air dusters. :bigsmile: <------DVD FREAK.

Red Balloon? I think i had to watch that in elementary school on a reel to reel back in the mid 80’s… lol… damn I’m old.

Anyways yah I like to buy discs, I can’t afford them all so some are backups, but I like to collect my favorite movies in the best quality possible.