Consumers prefer Blu-ray over digital content

Something smells a bit fishy with this survey, but who knows…

That 10-to-1 preference still sounds uber high :confused:, but expect digital streaming to really pick up next year!

There isn’t any such thing as true HD streaming or download content. Unless you call ultra-compressed video with crappy audio “true HD”.

It’s kind of a no-brainer that BD owners would prefer watching bluray over watching crappy video and audio online. :doh:

Everyone who thinks Netflix will ever offer high bitrate video and audio for download, please raise their hands. Anyone who has internet service that allows downloading 50GB movies, raise both hands. :doh:

You’re right, true streaming wont be possible for quite a while, so any comparison/survey like that would make no sense now - other than misguide the public opinion.

Nevertheless, i expect that (legal) downloading of HD content will be possible in the near future - with the speeds gradually increasing. 24mbit lines are somewhat of a standard in most western countries, and not all HD movies are 50Gbs :wink: And i would prefer spending i.e. 3 hours to download the family’s Saturday night’s movie instead of going out, taking the car and going to the local rent store.

Yeah, now all we have to do is convince the greedy jerks to quit doing bandwidth throttling/caps and to drastically improve the speed of the lines. Here in the US you are lucky to have 10mbps speeds now and you pay dearly for them.

Don’t forget that Comcast finally admitted they do have a monthly bandwidth cap and it’s 250 gig and your banned for a year. They keep trying to go faster, then they cap the amount you can get per month, kinda backwards.
I doubt most users will go over but it really sucks that they do that rather then improve what they have to take higher demand for bandwidth.
I’d much rather have full bandwidth movies and sound rather then crappy uber compressed downloads, just hate paying 30 bucks a movie.

Sorry but I will never download anything that I want to permanently keep.

There are just to many ways for things to go wrong. Authorization keys can be removed stopping playback, the company can go out of business leading to the inability to recover what you have purchased etc etc etc

I still like the idea of actually having physical medium that contains the data that cannot be removed from me.

And I heard you need to wait a couple hours or more before you can start watching the digital downloads.