Consumers not interested in self-destructing DVDs, according to DVD x Copy developers

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  According to a survey conducted by 321 Studios, developers  of DVDxCopy,  are consumers not interested in self-destructing DVDs. Earlier we reported that Disney was starting to begin ...
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Was no one paying attention when divx failed? Even it was better than this idea.
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Gesusk is right, Divx already showed that people are not interested in this kind of business model. Also, just because Disney is involved doesn’t mean it will succeed, they were one of the main backers of Divx as well. I think the biggest problem is the fact that disney is doing this. Most disney movies for kids, my kids watch them over and over and over. There is no way I am going to buy a disk that self destructs after two days, when I can buy one for double the price that my kids can watch for years. It just makes no sense. Plus, for renting I use netflix. Forget going to the store for DVD’s, they come to my mailbox and have since 99

Surely if these things are standard DVDs, but self destruct after x amount of time…in that time one can back them up in the normal way before the destruct… As for Di$ney…as a corporation they’re one of the worlds biggest leeches. Everything is overpriced and low quality…boycott their crap is what I say. Certainly Walt would turn in his grave if he knew what they’d become…parasites!

Everyone who drives an SUV don’t care about the environment, they might say they do if you ask them. But truly they don’t. If this format is quick and easy they will use it, and no one will care about the landfills filling up.