Consumer Storage Power Consumption – The Truth Revealed

We’ve just posted the following review: Consumer Storage Power Consumption – The Truth Revealed[newsimage][/newsimage]

How much work does an SSD or HDD do for the power it consumes? This article reveals the truth, with unprecedented precision.

Storage device manufacturers by law must provide power consumption specifications with their storage device products. Quite often these specifications are quite vague, and rarely, if ever, publish the power efficiency of their storage devices with regard to how much work a storage device can do for a given amount of energy consumed. In this article we will disclose with unprecedented precision, the energy efficiency of some popular storage devices.

Let’s read on, and find out the energy efficiency of some popular storage devices.

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A very interesting article. Good work Dee.

Looks like you put a ton of work into this amazing article. I love deep dives into technology like this one, you have my gratitude!

It’s interesting to see the power figures for these drives. I assumed that all storage devices by now would have a decent low-power idle state, but for the PCIe drives that isn’t quite true.

Then again, other PCIe devices such as video cards don’t exactly idle by sipping a few milliwatts. Plus, the controllers on the PCIe drives can only do so much to send the rest of the drive into a sleep state while the controllers on the drive itself remain active. It’s like the SATA controller on a motherboard remaining fully powered while the attached drives sleep: mobile platforms handle power saving with a bit of grace, but it just doesn’t seem to be there for desktop platforms. As mobile and desktop silicon converge, maybe we will see improvements in the areas of power conservation.

Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into the article, Dee. :slight_smile:

Well done Dee, this is a very informative article. :clap:

There’s nowhere else that provides this sort of information so I found this a particularly interesting read. :cool: