Consumer ready to buy Blu-ray movies?

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A new two-disc edition of last year’s released movie Transformers debuted at number 3 on the sales chart last week. Reason behind this is Blu-ray, says
It is believed…

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So far I have just rented them, not bought any. Now that I no longer have a PC with a Blu-ray ROM connected to my HDTV, I won’t even do that anymore.
Besides that, I already bought Transformers when it came out in HD DVD, and since I am back to having my HD DVD player (a.k.a. upscaling DVD player) connected to my HDTV, I have no incentive to buy the Blu-ray version.

Consumer ready to buy Blu-ray movies?
Nope, unless they have a 50"+ screen… which I doubt is Joe Six-pack. I’m currently in the market for a nice 50" 1080p screen, but will be putting my 1080p video on a Popcorn Hour. No money from me, Sony.

I have a 50 inch(panasonic) and I wont be buying one in the near future either.Yes it may be better quality but a movie is a movie and a dvd is fine by me just now.

I’ve got a 37" and I love the improved quality of BluRay. But I don’t like the kiddie robot movie so I’ll pass on that one.

Forget it! More Sony hype! Sony won’t get 1 cent from me! DVD’s are still looking great on MY tv, so no need to more for overpriced crap.

Iron man is on the way!

I have just brought a 52in 1080p and it came with a free blu ray player. i for one will look at buying blu ray rather then dvd from now on

I recently upgraded to a 52 in 1080p LCD (I also have a PS3 for playing Blu-Ray). Even with a good upscaling DVD player, DVD’s are starting to look like VHS compared to high definition material. Big T.V.'s need a bigger picture, it’s that simple.

Hmm read this:

Also, lets put this in contrast. Even though it has “topped” the #3 position, what kind of movie releases have there been around the same time? According to this,, there hasn’t been a good movie release to compete with Transformers let alone a good DVD release. Also, I find it funny, that most of the articles that espoused the same news report as the article at TV Predictions used almost the exact same language to the tee. Is it hipe? I don’t know. You be the judge.

In order for Hi-def to properly ‘take off’. Consumers (the majority, not the minority) would have to feel unhappy with DVD. Are we unhappy with DVD ? No, we are not. Hi-def shows extra detail, but does not translate to a better ‘movie experience’. I have witnessed hi-def at the 720p level (don’t know anyone with a 1080p TV, still) - and whilst it is nice, I would not pay extra for it, because I do not see much of an extra benefit. People with disposable income will go out and spend their money on extra toys, but most people will prioritise their expenditure a bit more sensibly - and ‘hi-def’ is just not on the priority list. It’ll take a long time for blu-ray to take off, IF ever.

@ David
"I have just brought a 52in 1080p and it came with a free blu ray player."
Umm… nothing is free, my friend. Drug dealers do the same thing. The first hit on the crack pipe is “free”. The next thing you know, you’ve got three mortgages on your home.
Am I trying to say that Sony is as bad as your friendly neighbourhood crack dealer? Yes. Yes, I am.

I found out I’m getting a free BD player, so I went online to look for a few titles to buy. I was hard-pressed to find 4 that I wanted and didn’t already have on HD-DVD. The selection REALLY sucks unless you like crappy B movies. And forget renting them, the situation there is even worse with poor selections and unavailability.

I´m ready for it, but all these shit protections on BD made my not support this format

Do most people give a damn about extra picture quality ? No, so Blu-ray is a waste of time and money. DVDs satisfy all the content requirements consumers need.

The question “Consumer ready to buy Blu-ray movies?” I believe is not a question for the entire population. If anybody wants to pursue this question as a study, I think it should be ask to at least two different groups. The first group should be people who already own HDTV (and possibly Blu-ray player or PS3) and the second group is people who start from scratch (don’t even own a HDTV).

For the first group (people who own HDTV) I think the answer will still vary due to lack of good movies these month. Maybe Iron Man and The Dark Night will help Blu-ray movie sales the end of the year but who knows.

For the second group (people who doesn’t own HDTV) which I believe account the majority, this will be a more difficult question. This people will have to buy a HDTV first and if they ever do that, I think it’s not due to Blu-ray but instead they wanted to see their favorite show from cable/satellite in hi-def. When they buy HDTV and they see the big difference between their old TV with the new TV even playing DVD or watching cable shows, it will already be an huge upgrade for them so I doubt they want to upgrade further to Blu-ray. I think only enthusiast will do this and they are the minority.

When my LaserTV arrive. Lot’s of BD’s gonna stream here. (From PC using HDMI ofcoz.)
Guess i’ll be doing nuffin’ else but watch BD’s then :smiley:

Why are so many people are treating Sony like the devil’s own company here? Sony is just one of the developers of Blu-ray which has now been adopted by everyone in the industry; manufacturers and movie makers alike. I don’t remember Philips ever getting this reaction to the audio cassette or when Sony and Philips introduced the CD. It sounds to me like you’ve invested in DVD and are now pissed off because there’s a better system.

People just don’t really care about hi-def at the moment. I first experienced hi-def back in 2000 whilst on holiday in San Diego, on a CRT hi-def screen. Here we are, 8 years later and still it hasn’t really taken off. You can also judge it by taking into account the torrent downloads of TV shows. Look at the numbers of people grabbing the hi-def version of a show as opposed to the standard version of the same show. Yeah, it’s 2-3 times the file size so longer to download, but it’s FREE - and people STILL grab the standard version, as its perfectly OK to watch, and enjoy. The problem isn’t with blu-ray (as such), it’s just that people DO NOT CARE about hi-def. It’ll happen, but it’s going to take a good many years.