Consumer protection org warns: resist Vista, "back to the future" with XP

In yet another blow to the reputation of Windows Vista, the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) has recommended that customers who purchase new PCs insist on obtaining Windows XP over Vista. In addition, it called on computer shops to provide Windows XP downgrades to customers who have already obtained Vista from said shops. After unsuccessfully trying to persuade Microsoft to provide those free downgrades, the DCA said that consumers would have to take matters into their own hands since Microsoft does not agree with its assessment of the OS, which the organization said appears to have been released before it was truly ready, according to comments recorded by Expatica.


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Released before it was ready?
Wow! What an appraisal!

Who would have thought that a company renowned for releasing high quality software products could possible inflict an inferior and incomplete product on it’s customers!