Consumer Electronics Show 2005 (CES 2005) Thread

Phantom console spotted in Snow City

AT NVIDIA’S BOOTH we had a chance to see our friend Kyle’s favourite Phantom console. It’s one of the consoles that is supposed to arrive sometime in the middle of 2005 but with a different concept from existing Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Full Story Can be Found @ The Inquirer

ATI Radeon Xpress 200 is highly overclockable

WE MET ATI here in Vegas but we were surprised to see ATI’s chipset used in heavily overclocking situations. ATI managed to overclock systems to FSB 315 times 8.5 resulting a frequency of 2677.5 MHz on Athlon FX 55 core.

The machine was water-cooled and had new X850XT Platinum Edition card overclocked from 540 MHz to 600 MHz and memory running to a solid 1200MHz. ATI said that it hadn’t modified the motherboard or graphics card, so you can actually get to those scores yourselves.

Full Story Can be Read @ The Inquirer

Corsair reveals real cool memory range

WE HAD a good old chinwag with the memory masters at Corsair, this afternoon.

It gave the INQ a sneak preview of its brand new memory product, that we report exclusively on here today.

The line is called Corsair Xpert, and it features an incredible alpha-numeric display across the top of the modules. The modules report the temperature of the RAM, as well as their internal frequency and voltage. That’s not all - using the custom Corsair Memory Dashboard software, you can programme the modules to say anything you want - perfect for all your case modders with windows in your systems.

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MCC launches modular PC

MCC will demonstrate at the Consumer Electronics Show a new version of its Modular PC. The device is about the size of a deck of cards and includes a 1 GHz processor, 512 MByte RAM, and up to 30 GByte harddrive space, however does not integrate a power supply, I/O connectors or a display. Instead the Modular PC is inserted into a “microtablet”, a shell which promises users a “Laptop experience”.

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Hitachi Plans Big Boost for Small Drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is planning to at least double the capacity of its 1-inch Microdrive hard-disk drive within this year, the company says from Las Vegas, where the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show has officially begun.

The small drives are currently finding favor in a growing number of portable consumer electronics devices, such as digital music players, and the greater capacity coupled with a reduction in the space the drives take up should help device makers keep portable multimedia devices small and feature-rich.

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Toshiba to ship 2GB ‘phone HDD’ by month’s end

Toshiba said today it will begin shipping its mobile phone-oriented 2GB, 0.85in hard drive at the end of the month.

A 4GB version will ship mid-year, the Japanese giant said, with 6GB and 8GB drives shipping in 2006.

Toshiba announced the drive family in September 2004, though at the time was unwilling to specify a capacity - 2-3GB was all it would admit too. It did say the drive would ship by the end of the year. It’s missed that deadline, clearly, but a month will make little difference in the long run.

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Some general coverage plus photos of the convention (hehe, you can see people getting rained on!) can be found at C|Net.

HP new iPods shown off in Vegas

HP IS showing off its new iPod to onlookers at the CES show this week.

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ATI RS400 puts Intel 915 graphics to shame

AT THE SHOW we manage to see still the unannounced ATI RS400 motherboard. That is the Intel based motherboard with IGP core inside. It was funny to see motherboard with integrated graphic running some proper Shaders in medium quality and to be able to run game such as Far Cry.

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