Consumer electronics giants are switching to Linux



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Linux is set to be the software of choice for future televisions, set top boxes and DVD recorders, consumer electronics executives and specialists said Thursday. Eight of the world’s…

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Well, it’s certainly good to see that Microsoft was just paranoid about Linux. They were entirely correct in their fear that the world might start coming to its senses and choose the better, cheaper software.


Or rather, was NOT just paranoid about Linux.


For big companies that make their name with being reliable (amongst the other marketing bullshit terms:p ) it makes sense to go with a OS that they can mod and fix whenever they want. Imagine buying a DVD player with windows CE as the OS… you get it home, pop in a DVD and it does not work. You phone / e-mail the manufacturer and they say “We are waiting for Microsoft to release SP1 in about 6 months”. Would you wait…would you shite! That player would be taken back to the shop and thrown back at the first assistant you could find, demanding a refund. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a finatical anti-microsoft protestor, just a realist who knows how business works.


Thank God! If I had to pay MS to watch my telly I would go POSTAL!:slight_smile: