Constant Gardener Region 4 Problem



Just a quick note to let you know that the Constant Gardener Region 4 DVD is not able to be ripped by CloneDVD2.

The studio that produced this dvd has obviously got new technology in place that causes CloneDVD2 to fail when it tried to copy the DVD. :sad:


It would be interesting to know what kind of error you get.


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read his previous posts (see also postings by kanamint) then decide if you want to take the time to help.

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I for one will not provide any assistance to Forum Member theshield and not afraid to state so.

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I ripped this movie region 4 with shrink and region free easily so I highly doubt that anydvd and clonedvd will not be able to rip this movie


Not surprising as there are very very few region 4 discs protected with anything other than standard CSS encryption (Madagascar being a notable exception).


Sorry to go against the grain, but why don’t we give theshield a second chance, everyone deserves a fresh start once in a while …

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Maybe he’ll play nice this time around …


Do you have AnyDVD running? What version? Is your CloneDVD also 100% current?

What is the text of the error message you receive?

Depending on your error message, maybe we should have you try to rip the original with “AnyDVD Ripper” and then process the movie, with CloneDVD, from you HDD rather than direct off the DVD drive.

The studio that produced this dvd has obviously got new technology in place that causes CloneDVD2 to fail when it tried to copy the DVD
More likely that your AnyDVD is not the latest or if it is you have discovered a new variation on a protection used in R4. If so we’ll have you send the disk info to Slysoft.

All depends on your response…



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I thought maybe that was why you didn’t get back. I didn’t want to start a new thread.