Constant freezing- please help

Hello- desperately trying to figure out why my computer has suddenly started freezing up several times a day. The only option when it happens is to restart the computer. It was happening once or twice a day at first, but now it’s happening constantly- sometimes just a few minutes apart, other times I can play on the computer for hours before it does it again. I have no idea what could be causing it. I have run xoftspy and dumped what it found (nothing that looked too scary) I have scanned with Norton. I have defragmented and disk clean-upped and system restored back to a month ago. I’ve cleared cookies and history. What else??

In the past few weeks the only ‘changes’ I had made was I updating/upgrading to newer versions of…

And I loaded the ‘Tidy Start Menu’ program that organizes your menu. Other than that there were a couple real estate programs I tried to install, but they didn’t work anyway so were uninstalled the same day or so. Prior to this month I honestly do not recall this computer EVER freezing-- I mean yeah, browser would stop working and I’d have to restart the computer sometimes because it was running too slow, but I could still move the pointer around or open the task manager-- with these freezes I can do nothing. I was having some issues after updating Flashplayer, where some pages worked but others (like Youtube’s new beta page) would not, unless I disabled Norton. Once I upgraded to the new Norton a few days ago that problem seems to have cleared itself up. As far as I can tell though, my computer freezes whether or not I’m on the internet (well, I guess I’m always connected, but it freezes even if I don’t have Firefox open). I disabled more items out of my start menu-- also I ran Ewido and dumped a bunch of stuff it found- didn’t even read the whole list because I was afraid the computer would freeze before I got a chance to erase the junk, seemed like mostly cookies even though I thought I’d cleared those-- computer is still freezing- even when I’m not actually using it.

I know this site has more to do with burning CD’s but thought maybe the issue has to do with the new realplayer or flashplayer so I’m giving it a shot here just in case.

BTW-- the one known issue I have had with the new version of Realplayer (which has always been very unreliable for me in the past) is that I’ve noticed certain songs are listed in my library 5 or more times, while others are not-- like every time I do an ‘add media’ certain songs are being added even though they are already there…

It sounds as if something in the upgrading is having a problem interfacing with your
windows. What you should try is removing and re upgrading again.If this doesn’t work
try running your ant-virus and,see if there is a trojan interfering with your system. If
this doesn’t work try a system restore back a couple weeks or a month when your
system was working well.Also check your hard drive and,see if you have enough space.
As for the real player just delete the duplicate tracks,and try upgrading to the newest
Good Luck ZAP.

Elviza download spyware decetor and run a free scan at the link below
also have you did a Registry cleanup

Just wanted to thank you for your comments- I’m still trying to work out the issue with help from a friend- haven’t figured it out yet but I’ll let you know…

What kind of computer?
How much Ram?
What’s the power supply?
Which OS?

I would also look at

1] Possible Bad Ram?

2] What is the health of your HD, Do you have any Bad Clusters or Sectors and if so how many?

3] Do you keep your computer clean from dust?

4] Is your power supply acting intermittently?

5] Does the event viewer list any errors?

Your situation is a little vague. Give as much information as possible and the better chance that you will get input for help in diagnosing your problem. Your situation that your describing can be caused from numerous things, like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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check the power connector on your harddrive

I don’t know how to check the power connector, please advise…

The computer is a no-name brand thing that didn’t work from day one until a friend replaced all the gutts for me- since then it has worked like an absolute charm for two or three years until last month, other than sometimes running slow if I was doing a lot of stuff at once. It never froze. I don’t know what all he put in there but it is Windows XP pro, it has 256 ram, it has ‘40’ gig of memory of which about 16 is free (I have an external with my pix and music)

I don’t know what kind of power supply I have but it doesn’t seem to be acting intermittently-- previously I had an issue with the electricity in my house browning out and obviously the computer would suddenly go off and come right back on, but I bought a battery back up and that problem has not occurred in many months. This issue is just the mouse pointer suddenly freezes (isn’t slow or weird beforehand) but when that happens everything is frozen including the clock-- I cannot ctrl-alt-del or do anything other than hit restart-- doesn’t matter what program I’m using or whether I have one thing open or ten things open. Sometimes it works all day without a hitch, sometimes it freezes 5-7 times a day. The event errors I’ve seen were due to Nvidia, MCSTRM (a real networks path manager thing, which is why I uninstalled realplayer yesterday, but I still froze up so I’ve reinstalled it) and I think there was a Norton one-- I’ll have to go back and look. I have been advised to do the safe mode thing where I disable everything and then start trying to restart it and enable certain programs until I narrow it down but as my life usually goes it has not frozen up since yesterday afternoon-yet- so to try that method may take days because I won’t know for sure if it hasn’t frozen because I’ve disabled the bad program or just because it doesn’t feel like it yet.

It was a little bit dusty, but I already cleaned it and opened it up-- the fan on the back works perfect, there is an interior fan that is stiff and not really moving, don’t know if it ever did as computer sounds like it always did, but I have placed a desktop fan behind the computer just in case. However, I don’t think it has anything to do with overheating because it has frozen a couple times right after I turned it on from being off all night (I used to almost never turn it off). It’s just really strange.

I don’t know if I have bad sectors, etc.- how would I find out? Last time I defragged I don’t think it told me that I had anything bad, but I can run it again and see…

At this point I don’t want to run the above spy thing because I’ve already been doing many different search things as advised on a tech support site-- including Hijack This, Ewido, WinPFind3, ATFcleaner, Combofix, AVG scan, etc-- most things came up pretty clean other than I removed some old versions of Java and the service errors I mentioned above-- just cannot figure this thing out!

Yes to get rid of the spyware download smitfraudfix.exe please find it on google you will need to go into Safe mode by pressing F8 or F2 to clean Spyware with Smitfraudfix and then download the new Flashplayer 9

It will also be great if you add another 256 Ram which your Random Access Memory.