Constant Freezing on 2500

Just installed my new 2500 but I’m having a lot of problems.

I insert a DVD and the drive begins to scan the disk, but it almost always freezes as soon as the disc is recognized. No error, just frozen.

Sometimes, it works perfectly. I put in the disc, it spins up, I open WinDVD and it plays fine…for hours and hours. But, if I take the disc out and put it back in, the system freezes.

It doesn’t always happen in this pattern, but usually it will play fine once or twice but when I unload the disc and reload the same disc or a different one, the system freezes.

This only happens with DVDs. CDs play fine. I can swap those in and out all day long.

This is the second unit I’ve tried. The frist 2500 woulddn’t even recognize DVD discs.

I’ve been using WinDVD 5 Platinum and XP Pro.

I’ve tried turing off autoplay.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling WinDVD 5.
I’ve tried uninstalling the drivers.
I’ve tried using Sonic DVD player.
I’ve tried uninstalling all other video software such as my ATI MMC software.
I’ve flashed the firmware too.

Any ideas?

Try Power DVD

What IDE drivers do you use? Some IDE drivers may cause issues like this (nforce drivers is one example) - revert to the M$ IDE drivers included with the opertaing system may help.

I had the same problem here on startup !

The problem:

The burner has been on the same IDE-channel as my hard-drive (as a slave) and somehow it doesn´t like it !

To solve the problem : The DVD-Burner has to be the Master (also jumpered as one) without a slave on the second IDE-Channnel !

Good luck :smiley:

I put it on its own master channel. That didn’t work either.

This thing is going back.

Does this happen with one specific DVD disc or all of them?
If it is only one, that specific DVD is probably scratched or dirty.

All discs (DVDs).

did you try the default Microsoft IDE drivers as OC-Freak suggested?

As far as I know, those are the only drivers I have.

I connected the drive, restarted and the drivers installed themselves.

Those are the default MS drivers…right?

NO, we are not referring to the drivers for you DVDR drive. We are referring to your IDE channel drivers.

Rightclick on My Computer, Properties, Hardware tab, Device Manager, You should see a listing for IDE controllers.
Right click on each controller and uninstall drivers for each controller.
Reboot and Windows should load its’ own Microsoft drivers.