Constant erros on a new audio CD

I now use EAC to rip my cds to ensure there are no glitches in the music file after converting. I purchased a new CD a few weeks ago and ripped it using iTunes thinking “hey it’s new, they’ll be no read errors” however I’ve been using EAC to re-rip the tracks and its constantly coming up with errors on a few tracks. I tried it on my laptop and it’s coming up with errors on the same tracks (accept the laptop is trying to repair the errors?) I thought factory pressed discs were perfect? This one is scratch-less. Shall I return the CD? I’ve just checked the laptop trying to rip the tracks but it’s stating “sync error” and “Read error”?

EDIT: Just cancelled the ripping and it’s stated as “missing samples”? I cannot hear any obvious “skips” at the stated “error” times though :frowning: