Constant errors burning above (or at) 12X with 32123S/40125S

Ok, i’ve been having this problem for a while now, normally when i burn above 12X using nero, it will start the burn process, and after about 20 seconds the drive gets caught in a loop where it spins up and down constantly, and won’t go past trying to write the Lead In (the LED changes from red to orange to off, and stays off), I didn’t have this problem when i first bought the drive, only after a few months. I didn’t want to buy another, and after I started getting this problem it still worked fine at 12X… until…

Now… even when i burn at 12X, it will get to either 20% or 40% (almost every time!), go into the loop of spinning up/down for about 1 minute (the LED stays orange during this, BTW), and then nero will tell me “Write error” and stop the burn.

I’ve tried different firmware, and even using the 40125S firmware on the drive, but to no avail.

DMA is enabled, I have tried the drive as secondary master and secondary slave, but still the same problem.

This is really annoying, but i don’t want to fork out more money for another drive, has anyone else had this problem? I really wish i hadn’t bought this thing now, it can barely read CDR media as it is, and when it does it is VERY VERY slow.

ANY help will be much appreciated.