Constant blinking green/Wont read

Well here is my issue : I have the constant green blinking LED of doom it seems, shows up fine in device manager, drivers seemingly install with no problems, shows in bios… The works, now the thing is it will not read/write or recognize any kind of media, ive flashed with different bins and currently have the stock 95p9 firmware on it, any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!!!

What drive is it? Usually, blinking light means missflash.

Lite-On DH-20A4P using stock 9p59

Where did you get the stock firmware?

I actually got it from this website as far as I remember, did it a couple days ago.

You need to give us more detail … so far you haven’t told us the whole story …

  • What firmware did you originally had on the drive? Have you made a backup of the original?
  • Has the drive started to blink only after you flashed it with a new firmware?
  • What does the label on the drive say about the exact model number, revision and perhaps the original firmware the drive had on it (a photo of the label(s) would be nice)?

if I recall correctly the original firmware was 9p59, I honestly don’t even remember flashing it, but I’ll have to take the drive out and take a pic of the label, I’ll have that up tommorrow and I don’t have copies of the original unfortuneately :frowning: let me know if there’s anything else that may be helpful that I could give you. Thanks again for all the help!