Constant 2.4 x burns with NEC-3540A

I Have my NEC drive as the master and a plextor 12X (712A maybe) as the slave. The plextor drive burned great while the NEC always at about 2.4.

I recently removed the NEC and put in a PLEX 740A. This drive seems to be burning at 2.4 as well now. I plan on moving things around to try to trouble shoot but in the meantime I thought I would hit you guys up for some help.

I just want to burn at a decent speed.

Thanks in advance.


Most probably a cable issue. Replace your IDE cable (while you’re at it, get a new 80-pins cable for future needs), should do the trick.

Before doing that, check in the device manager, relevant IDE channel, properties, advanced, is DMA enabled for both devices (should be UDMA2 for the 3540)…? If not, best thing to do is delete the relevant IDE channel and reboot. Unless you installed special IDE drivers, then best thing to do first is uninstall them before deleting the relevant IDE channel, then Windows would install generic drivers, these have shown to work better with recent optical drives.

If this fails, try the new cable.

Good luck :slight_smile: