Conspiracy Theory

When I first started backing up my DVD collection I used what was considered a good quality DVD. I purchased Samsung branded DVD-R`s. They came with a 100 year warranty. They burnned well and checked out in Nero CDspeed on My Pioneer AO4 and AO5.

One Year later none of them play without major problems. They pixalate and freeze from the very beginning.

What a major waste of time, 100 year warranty right.

Whats the best way to salvage the DVD content. I`m using DVD Decrypter but their are so many reas errors. Is their any software to do this and what is the best reader.



What’s the media code on the Samsung discs you got? Apparantly lots of 4x BeAll discs produced in Korea had major problems with data retention.

Liteon drives supposedly read fairly well… but your discs could be so far gone that no drive will read them completely. Your best bet may be to rebackup the discs from the originals, onto more reliable discs like TYs.

Might be time to test out that warranty.

Try a different reading drive, and try locking drive(s) to 1x read speed.

The media code is beall G00001.

Failed to read in NEC 3500A litonit 163 and 166 all with latest unmodified firmware.

Was able to read it with a pioneer AO6. Originally recorded on a pioneer AO4 drive. Burnning now with TY media.

How do you lock the read speed to 1X

Varies from drive to drive, but try DVDDecryptor, options - device and try ripping the disc.