Console wars: Nintendo GameCube will disappear in Belgium

I just posted the article Console wars: Nintendo GameCube will disappear in Belgium.

There are a lot of rumours in the games industry and the latest rumour is that Nintendo’s GameCube will be the first victim of the ongoing ‘console wars’ between Nintendo (GameCube), Microsoft…

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It’s largely because the other consoles have better games - Nintendo gave this kiddy-games image and the games they bring out don’t help.

I disagree. Gamecube has some fun games. Ps2 does as well. Xbox doesn’t appear to have that many good games at all but the consoles sell due to their mod capabilities. Who the hell cares what some Belgian retailers think. The gamecube has sold a lot of consoles in the US and games brought out on it sell quite well. Personally I prefer PC games due to thier level of complexity, but I still enjoy playing console games every once and a while.

I think Nintendo’s done a good job turning around their image here in the states. We’ve got games for older games such as Resident Evil 0 and 1, Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime, PSO Ep 1 and 2, Dead to Rights, etc. Yet Nintendo still isn’t afraid to bring out innovative stuff like Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Smash Bros. It’s games like these that keep gaming fun. Rehashing old products gets old. Come on, who wants to play Tomb Raider 35? Let Belgium ditch the Gamecube (which will be unlikely anyway after the holidays sales), they’ll be the ones missing out on all the great games in the future. And I couldn’t agree more with DinZy. The ONLY reason people buy XBOX are for it’s modding capabilities. If you wanna watch divx movies or run Linux on a game console, by all means buy an XBOX. But if you wanna play ANY good games, XBOX FAILS MISERABLY in that department. You’ll need a Gamecube or PS2. XBOX should be dropped altogether.

LOL, you guys are good. Lets see, most games come out on all 3 systems. There was Halo on the XBox, and I thought Rallisport Challenge was pretty nice. Funny that you talk about rehashing right after naming Resident Evil, Metroid, and lets not forget Mario. At least XBox will be getting Doom III.

Doesn’t really matter, 'coz PC’s are best :d

Anyway, The “FUN” stores, are all f*cking *ssholes, always was, always will, there the most expensive store in the country, also, i think the owner, gets big money from MS., the never sold big Nintendo titles anyway and the never put Nintendo stuff in a good place, (there GBA’s are not shown in the store, you have to ask, to see them How Comes Shops Like Game-Mania, Dreamland etc… sells alot off GC titles, where FUN only sells 4 or 5 different gc titles, so it’s there own fault, that the force us GC users to go to shops that sells GC titles and cheaper then they do.

I’m from Belgium and this rumour sucks. It’s because the Game Mania and ExtraZone isn’t selling good, that they all think all the shops in Belgium aren’t selling the GC so good. I’m not going to stop buying GC games. It’s far better then PS2 and Xbox imho. GC games are all about fun and they are very original. Look at Pikmin and Smash Bros for example. Just wait when Zelda and Metroid comes out. Then it will be a different story. And in the near future i certainly will buy Star Fox and Eternal Darkness. This rumour can go to hell for me.

me thinks our belgian friends are surely not that crazy… modding capabilities (such as divx , linux and media center functions!) are giving a strong momentum to the XBOX, but when it comes to fun and the true meaning of it, well, Nintendo accepts no challenge, and u all do know why: which console system can sport the likes of Mario or Zelda? and now plz someone go tell mom Micro$haft that ‘dumping’ a system is not enough, a console set needs GOOD games to survive, and to earn too :slight_smile:

What a bunch of fan boys… I’m an unbiased console buyer. I’ve a Gamecube and an XBox. And oddly enough, no one complains about the lack of games for the PS2. I have 10 games for the GC, and around 30 for the XBox. The only system I can’t justify is the PS2. Most game released now are on atleast the XBox and the PS2, with the XBox actually making use of my HDTV and DD5.1 I see no reason to pay the same price for a downgraded version (usually without extras that they toss into the XBox versions as well). So that means most games are on both systems, with noticeable benefits on the Box… both $50 it’s not hard to do the math. I recently came close to buying a PS2, cause Kingdom Hearts does look like alot of fun. What stopped my purchase is when I went to the rest of the PS2 games and couldn’t find a single one that I wanted. Either, it looked like an outdated console game or I already owned it in higher resolution with 5.1 digital audio on the XBox. So folks have to realize games are entirely personal. The PS2 has shown me nothing but inferior version of XBox games… while the XBox has shown me titles like Halo. Promised me titles like Dead or Alive Volleyball and Ninja Gaiden and given me an amazing amount of fun on XBox Live. The PS2, it showed me Kingdom Hearts. Hardly enough to justify the system. So before you dog the librarys… realize quantity doesn’t mean quality. And because you say they have good games doesn’t make it so. I think it’s huge props to MS for having a system where I want 30 games and not having a whole ton of games to begin with. While the PS2 has hundreds upon hundreds… I can only bring myself to consider one. That my friends is a rank library.

The ps2 is old and dead,i just played 007 nightfire on the box and looking at how good the graphics are and the framerate is perfect,say the 2nd ice stage for example there is no way on earth the ps2 could run the game that well no way,so all these people bagging the box just dont make any sense,unless you just like looking at ugly graphics or something.

XBOX is the best! PS2 will be replaced by PS3 next year… or next next year… Nintendo?? WTF?? Trash it or something…

I also think that the X-box is selling better than the Gamecube because of its easy modding capabilities And I also think that Sony and Microsoft are content to allow modding consoles to continue while the format war continues. If they wanted to they could defeat modding with little effort.(Nintendo did)

If Nintendo goes down thats the end of true consoles in my opinion. I cant stand companies like Sony and Microsoft who monopolise everything. This crap about comparing games between the Shit-Box and PS2(Piece of shit mk2) is like the old days of Atari ST and Amiga, Why so suprised why the X-box graphics are better than the Ps2, duh maybe because its much newer and you think microshaft would have designed a inferior console er micro PC thing, the Ps2 couldnt even match the Dreamcast for graphics for fuck sake. Still very shallow minded people who still cry about graphics over gameplay. Welp all this shit has convinced me to buy a Gamecube maybe the last true “games” console for “fun”, Maybe its the console for the less narrow minded of us.