Console: Nintendo Gamecube beats X-Box launch

I just posted the article Console: Nintendo Gamecube beats X-Box launch….

A few days ago we reported about the launch of the X-Box which will be on 8 november. Well Anthrox used our newssubmit to tell us that the Nintendo Gamecube will be available 3 days before the…

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And they also beat M$ by having the ugliest console :4

Nintendo Rullez :slight_smile: :9 :stuck_out_tongue:

Nintendo rulez…if u like cutesy, make me wanna puke gamez. For adults, PC/X-Box rulez

when are the first copies out on cdr !!! and where can ik get them : ))

X-box sucks. No showstoppers at E3. Gamecube wil dominate.

Yeah, Rogue Squadron, Raven Blade and Eternal Darkness look like your typical “cutesy” Nintendo games :4 Seriously, Gamecube will have far more must have games than Xbox and be $100 cheaper. I know where my money is going, and its not to M$!

I’m just saying that there are far to many (percentage wise) cute, kiddie, Hello Kitty type crap on Nintendo for my taste. I’d imagine X-Box will be more like adult PC type games. But that is just my guess. Also compare specs of each. X-Box blows Nintendo out of the water. I’m quite happy with PC Gaming and won’t buy either.

Everyone thinks Gamecube will be loaded with kids stuff, they thought wrong. Everyone was impressed with Gamecube and it’s good software at E3. MS just showed a bunch of PC like crap, slow frame rate and unstable.

Nintendo will win this war hands down. And with the Gamecube’s smaller DVD type disk that makes the copying more difficult. Not like the PS2 and the future Xbox that finding bootleg copies is way too easy. check out and you will see.

PSX got so big because we were able to copying them.

A new format… A new failure… Why dont companies stick with normal media? Borkis is right… PSX got big because they used the (copyable :)) CD as medium.

Ohh no… Nintendo just made a HUGE!!! mistake, why on earth do you think the PSX did so well??? because you can make copies of the games, it’s one of the reasons why it was so successful… and why did the N64 fail??? because they had lame kiddies games (apart from a few) and making copies was a costly venture and a pain in the arse.

I remember Wolfenstein (sp?) on the PC. Nazi’s and German Sheppards. On the Super Nintendo…never identidied as Nazi’s and giant killer rats instead of Sheppards. The damn politcal correctness of it all. I still hold it against them.

Specs don’t mean jack without good games. And I’ve always prefered console gaming to PC gaming because at least you don’t have to upgrade every few months to play the latest games. Despite the “kiddie” image, Nintendo has relaxed their censorship ever since Mortal Kombat 2 on SNES.

No more nintendo… no more! they truly have the ugliest console ever! I won’t buy it, but I know that many of you will… so buy if you want, I wont. X-box? what a joke… who would like to buy computer that can’t be upgraded? I were asked the same question about three years ago when I were buying PSX. I didn’t have the answer, do you have it? I’m almoust sure that X-box will be failure… Microsoft is liar. When they gave media to have cd which contained pic from games, the pictures were manipulated. In snowboarders lins there were lins flare effect from Photo shop (correct me if I’m wrong:)) But anyway, I’m sure many people will buy that too, but… well it’s same for me and I’m tired, so I’ll go to sleep now…

Why I like the xbox?? Shenmue coming to it :4

N64 has cutie games, but at least they were multiplayer. The others consoles just have crap or short lived multiplayer games. And internet gaming doesn’t count - its lame to set it up. N64 has crap resolution - could make your eyes go blind!! I won’t go for the X-Box if its simply just going to have PC type games on it.

Who want to buy a Small Coffeemachine in november with only a 733 Mhz Processor, and is not able to play DVD movies… X-hoax,MarioCube only 1 console, which has games for the gamers thats Def PS or PS2… MGS2, GT3 or GTA3,

most of the x-box titles will be pc port, and I won’t buy a console to play pc port. sure, x-box has impressive specs, but I’m not looking for specs, I’m looking for great games. The major part of the videogame console market is to sony, and the other part is for nintendo, not for microsoft’s shit-box. with games like zelda, perfect dark 2, metroid, resident evil zero and all other great titles on gamecube, shit-box won’t be able to compete. To bad microsoft! Your shit-box wil die in the box.