Console news: Xbox launch & price confirmed

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So at the Microsoft HQ they finally decided when to launch the x-box: 8 november. Price? $299 !

Now it has to get kids to pester Santa for it, instead of a PS2 or Nintendo’s new GameCube. For…

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I don’t think the X-Box :r will be that great the PS2 i my opinion has much better games. Power isn’t everything the N64 was more powerfull than the PSX but still the PSX was better :slight_smile:

I think the problem is the processor itself. Although, XBOX has a 733 P3, its computation of floating point is not as powerful as PS2.

Doesn’t Xbox uses AMD Athlon 733?? with nVidia video card? When a game console uses Compact Disc to play games with tends to be more popular than console using cartrige. CD costs cheaper than IC… I guess =) PSX, you can copy games and then play them over a modded PSX, but not N64

I love how everyone always writes off nintendo, it’s always “PS2 vs. Xbox”. Look how good they did with n64, despite some obvious flaws. These flaws have pretty much been resolved with the GameCube. Plus, nobody makes better quality games than Nintendo. Maybe after E3 after they show off the hardware and software more people will consider them a serious contender. Also, it’ll probably cost only about half as much as the Xbox/PS2.

Alright here’s the deal, the X-Box isn’t going to do well. What are they doing over there at MS head office? Take Nintendo for instance; they’ve been in this for the long haul, they know what the consumer wants in a console and what kinds of games to produce. The X-Box claims that it’s going to be worlds ahead of the competition, please MS spare us and just cancel the produce now. MS should simply stick with what they know, which is software for our computers… even then not all of their products are quality. :8

Let the XBox come out its another system to play errr… :4 Heheh you know what I mean. More games for everyone! Whhheeee. :8

I’m not going to judge the X-Box untill I played on it myself! Remember that everyone trashed the PlayStation when Sony started to enter the console market? And look at them now… Let’s all wait and see first, then you have a right to speak. :wink:

He guys, You don’t get it. Let the x-box come out and after that the y-box and the N132 and the PS3 and gamecube 2. A lot of consoles on the market means copmpetition and that means lower prices :4

The most annoying about Nintendo that they always release the same game : Mario :r, Zelda:c, Donkey Kong:(. If they would come up with new ideas and not child games. Then they could have a change. I’m sick of Sonic and Mario always the same well a 3D better graphics Mario is not gonna make me buy the GameCube it’s the same as the N64 only with better graphics in other words CRAP!!!

X-Box might be good and all, but I just hate playing games with a controller pad!! :r

Competition nice! But hey, maybe not nice - now I have to buy more consoles… I already have too much N64, Dreamcast, PSX and Gameboy :c. In my opinion the PSX is my favorite - offers the most cheapest and enjoyable games. The Dreamcast I like since it has sharp graphics and can connect to my 19" Monitor. I don’t know why people hate controllers - I love them for most games.

Well M$ isn’t going to get my £££ for X-Box unless it plays Final Fantasy games :4 - PSX/II rules…