Consistently Best DVD+R media for 1620?

I have looked through the media forum and sifted posted here for the 1620.

But I’m a little confused as to what is the consistently the best DVD+R media for the 1620.

Is this greatly dependent on your computer configuration or what are the considerations?

Thanks much.

I’ve found MCC 003 [even cheap stuff from ‘Datasafe’ - presumably ‘B’ grade] to be consistently good at 8x & 12x: real Verbatim MCC 003 is excellent.

The 1620 will burn most major +R media very well to excellent, with a few exceptions.

Disks that I use with good success are:

  1. Smartbuy (Prodisc R03). Cheap ($23.99 Cdn/50). They’re rated at 8X but burn fine at 12X and produce VERY clean scans. The blanks scan nearly perfectly with QScan. HOWEVER, an older 451 LiteOn burner could NOT even mount these discs for reading until I upgraded the 451’s firmware. Then the discs gave a perfect scan on the LiteOn as well. Go figure.

  2. RIDATA (Ritek R03). Fairly Cheap ($25.99 Cdn/50). I’ve found that even though they’re rated at 8X, they all burn fine at 12X. The PI Errors are quite a bit higher than the Prodisc ones, BUT the PI Failures (the most important) are significantly lower than the Prodisc R03. The blank DVD’s don’t scan as clean with QScan as the Prodisc ones do. They’ve worked perfectly in the few players that I’ve tried them in.

Futureshop is selling some Mitsumi discs (MEDIA ID 001) that do NOT perform well, at least with the current B7S9 firmware. They seem to be playable but the scans are quite marginal. I’d stay away from them - at least for now.

EProformance Prodisc R03 - 0.5 Eu /disk , 8x -12x burnes quality 95% - 99%

Thank you for the info.

I have used Ritek R03s will good results, so it seems that I’m on the right track.

BTW, How can you tell what media code the discs are before purchasing?

I usualy make a google search with the name and “media code”. That is the only way. I haven’t seen any brand specifing the dye-media code

Try this for Brand & Media code:

Thanks dishinit,

That link like looks like it will be quite useful.

Thanks much dishinit.

Hi, Spartane, can you please tell me where you get those dvds at those prices. I’m also in Canada and paying 30 bucks for the 50 pack of Smartbuys. Maybe I can get em from where you are getting em.

If you’re in the Toronto area, you can find them in the northeast end at the Pacific Mall near Kennedy Road and Steeles. There’s a couple of small shops in there.

For the first one, go through the main doors and walk to the farthest aisle along the left. There’s a small store Dragon Battery (or something with the name Battery in it). This one is usually slightly cheaper.

For the other store, go right instead and find Sunny’s. It sells both Ritek and Prodisc discs.


I can not agree with that. I´ve got a Verbatim 8x photo printable 50 pcs spindle. I found out that nearly every 2nd disc isn´t able to write at 12x with good quality. Half of this discs can only be written at 4x. Before from a different spindle, all media was good. I think the not so good ones come from taiwan, but Im not sure.

I now purchased a 50 pcs spindle Verbatim photo printable 16x (MCC004). Hope these are more consistent.


The only discs I have ever purchased that do not vary–not one bit–are Daxon AZ2, and they are rated 8x, but playback only when burned at 4x, and the scans are terrible–always really terrible scans that are barely within maximum DVD error tolerances. Data integrity is always 100% even when oversped to 16x. So, good-for-data may be a lot different than good-for-playback. Scans do not differ when burned at 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12, and 16x. Weird stuff. Fantastic for backups, not great for movies. Given that this media makes the verification step unnecessary, waiting through a 4x burn for a movie might not be too bad. I was hoping for better.

CMC discs had the best (chances of) playback, but I had to put a very large amount of CMC media into the trash can because of data integrity issues–pretty scans, broken files. CMC’s Philips C16 (BenQ 16) works fine at 16x, and is simply awesome when burned at 12x. 12x= under 6 minutes, low errors, 100% integrity. Their Philips media code is their premium make. So, I’m not exactly staying away from CMC, but I always perform a copy-back test on that media rather than a (fictional) scan. This is yet another media that is best when used under the rated speed (much less trouble). While CMC media code has high entertainment value, it is really useless (unsafe) for data backup.

Ritek has a nice combination of great playback with much less issues of data integrity. So far, Ritek is the winner. Errors at the end-of-disc may make for choppy playback at the end if these are oversped (10% coasters). But, they work just fine when used AT the rated speed. Kudos for Ritek!

This cheapskate is off to buy some Prodisc next to try them. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all the input, very helpful.

I have only purchased Riteks so far and haven’t had much in the line of playback problems.

Only issue I’ve seen is choppy playback at the end of 1 disc, and this was a convert AVI file.

Thanks again.

would this be cause they are printable?

cause i have the non-printable ones, only burned + scanned 1 so far (97%, so quite good)

awhile ago i also read that someone burned movie dvds on mcc003, and they didnt work on quite some stand alone players, this scared me of for buying larger quantities of these

its gettin pretty confusing now
some praise mcc003 and some break it down… :confused:

I praise MCC003 and have had great success with them at 12X burn speed. They have played in every DVD home unit I’ve tried them in. I love em’.

Thanks Spartane, I live very close to there, I will go there and check them out. Thanks. Last media I bought was from canadacomputers on mavis and elgin. Also on Kennedy and queen there’s from where i bought cheap optodisc0R8 media for $35.00 for a 100, it burns ok in benq but sometimes you get coasters too, won’t be getting that again. I’ve noticed my benq works best with smartbuy+R 8X which is prodisc.

There’s a canadacomputers shop right beside Sunny’s in the Pacific Mall.

You might want to consider the Ridata Ritek discs as well. They’re almost the same price, and they have a very flat CDSpeed scan - both for PI Errors and for jitter.

The Smartbuy Prodiscs produce an extremely clean scan up to about the 4 gig point, but then there’s a minor avalanche of errors accompanied by a significant jump in jitter starting at about the 3.5 gig point. I don’t believe this is really anything to worry about, but it’s there - at least on my 1620.

I’ll attach a Prodisc scan to show you what I mean. The Ridata Ritek one has already been uploaded to the following link:

These were both written at 12X with the new B7T9.

Here’s another place that carries cheap media and is in the same general area - just down the road at Kennedy Rd and Sheppard:

I can see you 2 in the stores fighting over grabbing media lol