Consistently bad burns on BTC 1008 IDE

Hi there,
This is my first post on this forum. I already learnt quite a lot as a non-posting visitor, but now I decided to make a posting. Reason: my BTC 1008 IDE that causes me problems.

If I burn DVD’s (+R) with them at 4 speed with media code RICOHJPN R01 (002) I get this kind of figures when testing:
PIE Average: 297.11
PIE Max: 2597
PIE Total: 1008984
PIF Average: 4.58
PIF Max: 179
PIF Total: 15568
(got this on a recently burned and tested DVD).
The critical borders of PIE 280 and PIF 4 are exceeded with large areas.

I guess I better don’t delete the data on the DVD from my hard drive yet…

I also have this range of figures for INFOME, also for 4 speed. At 8 speed I keep getting fixation errors in NERO (

I don’t write DVD’s that often, so I don’t have a big record of experiences on this, but given your knowledge of BTC and burning in general + the numbers I give here, can you tell me what’s causing these problems: the drive or the disks?

This might be a n00b question, but I’m eager to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help

BTC 1008 is not known for quality writing.

It writes dvd+r at 8x and dvd-r at 4x.

Do you use latest firmware.

Afraid of that already…

Flashed to 0060 which is the latest version…

Afraid of that already…[/QUOTE]I would up that one to “BTC is not known for quality writing.” I have a 1016 which I’m returning because it wastes discs.

Could be time to get a new 16x burner.

Then i guess i’ll have to buy another drive. THanks for your answers!

Is there no hope for the ise1008 ? It burns marginal disks but usually passable on some media. It burns verbatin mcc01rw dvd-rw very well with avg pif .66. also the mcc verbatims show very few errors with the avg pif .74 although it has 4 nasty stabs up to 40 pif.
These are better readings than my NEC 2500 when I got it. But after a few firmware upgrades it runs even noname media at Q=90+%. Anyone working on hacking the firmware media codes on these btc units? It feels like its just a few firware tweaks from being a decent burner.

Also I just upgraded the firmware last time to 0159. It seems there is a newer ver 0060. (not getting the numbering system here) I didn’t notice much change from the pior F/W. Any news on the new F/W?

Yes, the numbering scheme is weird with these burners. :-Z

the last to digits are the firmware version and the first two digits are the firmware revision.

The version number changes when new medias are added and the revision number changes when they made changes in writestrategies for existing media.

Just make sure it isnt any of the BTC clones e.g. Emprex / Cibox get a good drive like LG, BenQ, LiteON, Plextor or Nec.

Bought a benq 1655 montha ago. In comparison to the btc or liteon811 it burns like it was sent directly from God. Stunning dif between older/junk and newer/good burners.

I’ve had my BTC 1008 for some time now and most times I’m happy but there have been more than a couple of discs that exhibit corruption in the last few chapters of movies that I burn to single layer. At times the corruption is so bad that the player just stops playing the discs altogether.

These errors typically show up in the last 15 minutes of a movie. I just recently upgraded to the latest firmware(060) after several months of being happy with 159 and I’ve dropped my burn speed of +R media to 4X. Is there any reason why I should see movie corruption crop up later in the disc?

Hi and welcome to the forums,

for me this sounds like a problem with burning quality and/or media quality. These errors you mention are typical for high PI/PIF errors at the end of a disc and this is usually caused by bad burning quality, bad media or a combination of both ;). Which media are you using ?

I’ve used RITEK R03-002 which at the price I paid, I’m sure is not quality media.

I just ran my first Nero CD-DVD Speed Test and I’m pretty sure this is a disastrous result. :Z

Any suggestions on how to improve these results. I burned this DVD using DVD Shrink at 4X which I believe uses Nero 6 that I have loaded.

Use quality media, Verbatim would be a good choice.

Avoid Verbatim Pearl White.

Could be the time to buy a new writer.

I tried to burn the same image as an ISO file using Nero 6 and Img Burn. The Nero 6 result was worse than before. The Img Burn result looks to be better. Here is the Img Burn disc analyzed by DVD Info. By the way, the same disc analyzed by Nero looks much improved but not nearly as good as DVD Info makes it out to be.

I noticed that in this scan I get more errors towards the end of the disc which is consistent with what I sometimes see in my movies. Sometimes the last half hour has problems playing in my home DVD player.