Considering upgrade to PX-760A from PX-740A. Worth it?

Hi Folks,

I’m looking for opinions on whether I should do this. I currently have a trusty PX-740A, 1.02 FW, and put it through a few hundred burns. I mostly burn DL Verbatims @ 8X. And also some video ripping from time to time. The 10X DL capability on the 760 intrigues me and newegg has it for $70 after rebate.

Is it worth it?

I previously owned the following:
Plextor PX-740a (current)
Pioneer 111D
Pioneer 110D
Sony DRU-700A

I enjoyed the 111D, but at 8x it fluctuateed in speed quite a bit, and always burned the 2nd layer at 6X. So I just defaulted to 6X on that drive. This PX 740 keeps it all at 8X.

Any other recommendations for DL burners w/ best DL quality? I only use Verbatim DL’s.



The 760 can rip DL-ROM @16x.

The 760 is advertised as +DL10x and -DL6x but has been updated to -DL8x.

I rarely see a constant 10x on the 760 when doing DL. It usually varies between 10x-6x. I’d guess the average time for a 10x burn is around 15min (full 10x would be below 14min). 8x is more stable but some slowdowns are possible there too. 6x is very stable. I’ve never seen slowdowns with 6x. IMHO 6x gives excellent results on both +2.4x and +8x, as well as -4x and -8x Verbatim media. 6x stays under 19min which is faster than drives doing 4x6x8x Z-CLV. Since the 740 does P-CAV it might be hard to beat if it doesn’t slow down.

IMHO Plextor and Verbatim DL are a very good combination.

Some examples:
examples from the 755:

Thanks hwp! I appreciate the comprehensive reply. I guess I have some more homework to do. Over the next few days I’ll research how to effectively read the speed test charts, then find latest results for my current PX-740a, followed by the PX-760a, and see what I can find on the promising Pioneer 112D. Then compare. Thanks again!