Considering purchasing this drive from Newegg



Your thoughts please,

Thank you


good price


Good price, works well… Wanna try NEC? :bigsmile:


I tried an NEC 3550A and didn’t like it much. I went ahead and ordered the Lite-On just now. I like that it comes with Nero and PowerDVD.


You can always download Nero or PowerDVD, i like liteon’s either, a very good choice. But NEC’s really kick ass too! Especially the oldie goldie 3500 :iagree:


Newegg also has the 165P6S for $34 with free shipping. This seems like a great price.


SHW160P6S is definetely a nice drive! My friend owns it and loves it :slight_smile:


As I understand it the 160P6S is a 165P6S that failed DVD-RAM tests in quality control i.e. it is a slightly faulty 165P6S.


that’s why dvd-ram is disabled for this drive. by crossflashing it to a 165P6s (it’s not possible atm, but who knows…) you could have dvd-ram support which may work good enough, and if writing quality won’t satisfy, you could read -ram media.
i wouldn’t say it’s a faulty 165P6s, it’s the little “brother” without -ram support.


@chok0 would you agree though that if the prices are roughly the same one should get the 165P6S?


Two minutes after I ordered my new drive, I saw this one for a few bucks cheaper:

So I cancelled my order, and ordered this one in its place, lol


I love my 1693S, good choice. Now you can make use of Codeguys’ excellent firmware, if you so choose. :slight_smile:


i wouldn’t order a 1693s. it’s a good and solid drive, but it won’t be further supported by liteon (as Karr said in another thread) and it doesn’t support features like HyperTuning and overspeed.
if you need a cheap drive, the 1693s is a good decision. but i would invest for the future and get a 6s drive.

get the 165P6s if you need dvd-ram. if not, get a 160P6s. here in germany the 160P6s is only €2 cheaper. i would pay the extra 2 euros for the ram support, even if i wouldn’t often use this feature.


What is HyperTuning? Also, I usually burn at low speeds (4x - 8x). I find the results are better that way, so I won’t need any overspeed features. A good, solid drive is all that I am looking for. Besides, it probably will only last a year and a half if i’m lucky.


What I am finally amazed about with this 160P6S is that it will finally do what my 3 other supposedly 16X burners were supposed to do, and that is actually burn at 16X using MCC004 media with fine and perfectly acceptable results, QS always around 95% !!

Can’t beat it for $37 I don’t think.

I have a 1673/1693 that sucks at 16X and only scores in the 80’s at 8X with the same media. And if LiteOn is moving on to bigger and better things, that’s as good as it will ever get I guess.


I think I’m gonna get a BenQ DW1655 also later when I have a little more cash to spend…


I still would get NEC not the BenQ :iagree:


I think the benq is superior to the nec when you factor in the fact that it is a 10x better reader, overspeed, solidburn, and the fact that 8x doesn’t take 10 minutes.


Could you please post a link to this FW you speak of?


Sure, here ya go - a link to the KC4B firmware, which is what I’m using:

Enjoy! :wink: