Considering NEC 2510A

this is my first post here. i need some help…

im considering this drive. i dont care about the $20 difference between the 2500a and the 2510a…my question is, is it worth it to go with the 2510a? for now, i realize all i can do is burn 4.7gb single layer disks, which is fine.

i also would like to know what is all the talk about the firmware updates in this thread? i just dont understand all the upgrades? whats the point?

my final question is which media would be best to use with this drive? as far as 4.7gb single layer disks go, will it burn (or like) the same media the 2500a does?

thank you all for any help.

If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll be able to burn double layer discs with good results, get the 2510A.
Upgrading firmware can increase performance and media compatibility.
The 2500 and the 2510 have identical write strategies for most media.
They will both burn most SL discs excellently.