Considering Lite-On Drive. How is the firmware support?

I’m considering a Lite-On drive for my small-form-factor PC since the Lite-Ons look shorter than other optical drives.

How is the firmware support for these drives though? Are there people like Liggy&Dee that make “better” firmware for these Lite-On drives?

We have C0deKing for patching Lite-ON firmware here :slight_smile:

I’m considering this drive:


What’s the latest / best firmware for this model?

Best as in most stable, gives the best quality writes, compatible with more media, etc…

I have the OEM version of that drive. Got it yesterday. It has the best burns for DL discs from the drives in my sig. It only supports DL up to 4X for MKM-001 media

Hum?!, i have a Px 760A, and i burn @6x and got better results than the liteon @4x lool.

show me plextor scan. Thanks.

Here it is

I already post it on the plextor section.