Considering Buying LG GSA-4163B DVD Burner



Hi guys.
im considering buying this LG GSA-4163B super drive. Its a dvd burner/reader and a cd burner/reader all in one. It has recieved good reviews on ncix (im in canada… newegg doesnt ship here). check it out at:

now, my problem is, i have a P3 866mhz processor with 386mb of ram. a friend of mine told me that dvd burners dont work on P3’s. is that true? any verification? i already have a CD burner which is working good. Please reply back on my P3 problem and any opinions on the LG burner im close to buying.



welcome to the forum,according to 4163b system requirements from newegg the minimum is “PIII 450 CPU and higher, 128MB memory and higher” so i think it will work just fine on your pc as it fits the requirements ,now for an unrelated matter you should know that this drive does not support “disc quality scanning” with disc quality scanning you can get lets say a clear view of the burn/media quality and know which media brands/codes will work best with your burner and you can also do your speed tests and see which speed for which mediacode will provide best quality results with your burner also you can tell by it if the media used is in good quality or crap in my opinion its an important feature and unfortunatly lg drives do not support it


ok. thx for your reply phil. do you know of any other dvd burners that are the same (burners + readers of both dvd and CD) which support disc quality scanning and are cheap and reliable? thanks for your help


all dvd burners can read/burn cds and read dvds not only to write em and yes i do know some i recommend benq 1640 and of course it also fits to your system as the requirements are “Pentium III 550MHz CPU or above 128MB DRAM”

since your new on dvd burners ill give you advice on medias,basicly these are the top 3
a) taiyo yuden
b) verbatim
c) ricoh
you can ask where to get em in canada at the blank medias forum
the a/b ones also applies to cdr media , anyway never buy ritek medias they are mostly crap


Add the Liteon 1693 to your list. It is better at scanning than BenQ (fewer intervals) and as the 1640 is new it might take a little time for it to “season”, although it does not yet appear to have the problems of the BenQ 1620. I just added a 1693 a few months ago and I have been very suprised at the high quality burns. It also supports bitsetting and has very good rip speeds. Lastly, there is huge support here for firmware modification should you ever become interested.

The Media receommendations above are dead on correct. Follow his advice and you will be very satisfied.


the benq also supports bitsettings and is a very fast ripper from i saw in its review,i cant confirm or deny if the liteon is somewhat better at scanning as i couldnt find any scan that mentions the average interval anyway from what i saw it doesnt support jitter scanning as the benq,since the liteon was mentioned have a look at these quality scans

benq 1640
liteon 1693


hi. thanks for all the different suggestions. will check them all out and compare etc.
out of curiousity, i need to know what OEM means in a hardware description. i know for windows that OEM generally refers to windows already installed on the system, but what does OEM mean in the case of hardware, like these DVD burners?


usually means they are intended for an “Original Equipment Manufacturer” which means most often that the hardware in question does not come in a box 3X too big for it, but the hardware itself is generally the same as the boxed. Cheaper and less packaging.


To make it more confusing, OEM is used in two different ways. When we use OEM here it is as mentioned above, a bare drive. Sometimes a manufacturer, such as LG, will use OEM to refer to a dealer such as Dell who has purchased a bare drive and modified the firmware. These drives are often very different from the retail but they are not what you get from Newegg and such when you order an OEM drive.